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10 Most Common Allergies in the UK

1st December 2021

Food allergies are highly common – both in children and adults – and the number seems to be increasing. As anyone with a food allergy will attest – they are scary: even with the best preventative measures and perception, trace…

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Promoting Workplace Health and Wellbeing in 2021/2

26th October 2021

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly shook the world and its effects on businesses, as well as the people in the workplace, will be felt for years to come. Following the challenge of adapting to the requirements of remote working…

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Holistic Health – Taking Care of Your Wellbeing

17th February 2020

Introduction Most of us aspire to be healthy, however, the definition of good health may vary from culture to person. It is all too common to underestimate the impact happiness and wellbeing can have on your physical health. Taking a…

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Join the Flu Fight!

30th September 2019

As the season’s change, there are lots of things to get excited about. Watching the leaves turn brown and fall from the trees, getting cozy on the sofa and enjoying a hearty meal with loved ones; all the joys of…

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“Man Up” and Visit Your GP

12th June 2019

For far too long, men have been expected to stay ‘strong’. Shamed for showing emotion whether upset or in physical pain; research has shown that women are much more likely receive comfort if in distress, whereas men are told to…

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woman with a tired-all-the-time symptom

Riding the Waves of Mental Health

9th May 2019

As much as we would all like to imagine a perfect life is possible, even the rich and famous have bad days. Certain life events happen to us all; not getting that job, the loss of a loved one or…

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woman with a flower

Hay Fever Injection

3rd March 2019

Most people jump for joy when the weather gets hotter and the flowers start to bloom. But that normally means the pollen count is higher, so for 13millions of us in the UK, we start to put up our defences.…

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