HPV is the name given to describe a common group of viruses which affect the moist membranes of the body e.g. vagina, anus or throat. Some types of HPV are riskier than others and can lead to the development of cervical, oral or anal cancer. Recent studies have shown 99.7% of cervical cancers are caused by infection with a high-risk strain of HPV (16 and 18). Infection with HPV contributes to a smaller number of other cancers.

The HPV vaccine is strongly recommended for girls aged between 12-18 as it has been shown to significantly protect against cervical cancer. HPV has also been shown to lead to cancers which affect men, however, so is suggested for boys within the same age range. The HPV vaccine can be administered to both female and male adults , at any age. The vaccine in adults is a course of 3 doses. At our private clinic in Birmingham, you can discuss your HPV vaccine options with one of our friendly GPs that will answer any questions that you might have.


  • Gardasil Vaccine - £225

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