Midland Health

Midland Health is an innovative Private GP practice based in Edgbaston and Birmingham City Centre committed to providing you and your family with easy access to the highest quality care. Offering a personalised service which considers all aspects of wellbeing including mental health, lifestyle and nutrition, Midland Health is a private medical centre that aims to support everyone to live a happier, healthier life.

As mentioned in the Independent by travel correspondent Simon Calder.

We are a Ryanair recommended COVID testing clinic in the Midlands.

Ryanair Recommended
Covid-19 Test Clinic

Fastest Testing in Birmingham. Same-day Results*

Private GP Services

A Pay-As-You-Go same day GP service offering a range of consultations, vaccines and tests for you and your family.

Tests & Diagnostics

Midland Health offers all Pathology, Radiology and Diagnostics that you may require to help manage your condition.  

Health Check Ups

Full Health MOTs for Men and Women ranging from menopause, well man, fertility, healthy heart, alcohol and liver and healthy lung.

Midland Health - Your Trusted Private Medical Centre in Birmingham

Midland Health offers personalised private GP services in the heart of Birmingham’s Medical Quarter in Edgbaston. We provide continuity of care whilst offering a holistic quality general practice fit for you and your family’s needs. Our excellent premises with on-site parking in Edgbaston will provide a relaxed, and pleasant environment for you. Our UK trained GPs are experienced, and all come with years of NHS service. Here at Midland Health, we will take every attention to your health and well-being so you can live life better.


Health Checks at a Private Medical Centre

Sometimes you may feel the need for a full-health MOT. Midland Health provide several health check packages to suit a wide range of needs. This includes check-ups tailored to the needs of men and women, as well as packages to assess male and female menopause, fertility or liver function. All packages include a full consultation with your private Midland Health GP, lifestyle guidance and comprehensive healthcare advice, followed by a report for you to take home.

Why opt for Private GP Services?

In recent years, people felt dissatisfied with the current GP services available to them. Long waiting hours and less accessible consultations are part of the reason why people feel this way. We understand how important it is to provide a tailored service to patients and go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and safe. All of our private GPs here in Birmingham take pride in being able to offer flexible services to our patients and support their health care needs.  Regardless of the problem, we ensure that our patients are being guided in the right direction.


Seeing a Midland Health Private GP

Seeing one of our private GPs has never been easier. You can book a consultation using the form below or simply calling our number. We will book an appointment at a convenient time for you, as we are available from Monday until Saturday. If you want to read more about our private consultations, please visit this page.

Choosing Midland Health as your trusted Private GPs.

Our team members follow the same motto: we want you to feel safe and at ease. A tailored private GP service is one where you can discuss any health issue that is concerning you with an understanding GP practitioner. Our team members have extensive knowledge and will be able to offer you the right answers to your questions. As independent practitioners, we will ensure that your needs and requirements are met by personalising the consultation around you. With Midland Health, you are also able to get specialist referrals in case you might require them, with no further delays.


What services do you offer at Midland Health?

We have a wide range of services available for you: from various tests including pathology, STD tests, diagnostics, to routine and travel vaccinations, contraception methods and corporate services, you can count on our expertise and tool.

At Midland Health our Private GPs are also able to support you with any mental health issues you might be experiencing, recommending the best routes and advice that is suitable for you. We understand that everyone could be experiencing symptoms that could worry them and interfere with their daily life and this is something we could help you with.

Our services remain strictly confidential and any personal information will not be shared with anyone unless you specify so. Adhering to the national standards, your confidential information will be protected and not used in any way.


Midland Health wins the Outstanding Start-up Business of the year award for 2019.