Whatever your concern, nothing beats a sit-down chat with your trusted GP. Midland Health offers full private doctor appointments with extended time limits and no waiting to cover a full range of potential health problems or concerns. We are a friendly team of private GPs in Edgbaston ready to put your mind at ease. With an extensive background in healthcare, we want to make private doctor appointments more accessible and flexible for you. 


Why try our Private GP Consultations?

Providing an easy to navigate pay-as-you-go service, Midland Health provides comprehensive healthcare for all the family. Consultation is private and confidential and allows patients the space to relax and talk through any health concerns with an experienced professional who can provide much-needed answers. Helping everyone to understand their own health needs and supporting the necessary changes to aid a happy and healthy life, Midland Health aims to empower individuals to take the lead in their own healthcare, whilst picking up any early signs of ill-health.

Is Midland Health Right for me?

Midland Health provides specialist services for health needs at various life stages. From new-borns, through childhood, adolescents, young adults, pregnancy to older age, chronic illness, acute illness, employment/work medicals and travel. Flexible to the needs of the individual, Midland Health offers home visits or telephone consultations for those who cannot attend an appointment on-site. Appointments can be provided the same day or at a future date to fit into your busy schedule.

Midland Health GPs pride themselves on providing a professional yet empathic bedside manner and are highly skilled as well as vastly experienced. No concern is too minor, nor too complex. Services include the latest technologies to get the quickest and most reliable results. We maintain strong links with local NHS services and private hospitals so, as to ensure you get the right kind of care if a specialist referral is needed. Your Midland Health GP will always be on hand to discuss the results of any testing and talk you through the next stages. Midland Health strives for excellence and keeps up to date with the latest research and national guidance. Always looking to expand and improve our services, Midland Health are open to evaluation and feedback.

Couple attending a private GP Consultation with a Midland Health doctor

Whether you are not feeling well, want to see a specialist or wish to talk to someone about an underlying health concern, Midland Health are here for you. Our private doctor appointments are tailored after you needs. We aim to provide quality ongoing medical care at accessible prices for you and your family. Our Private GP care about your wellbeing and we ensure that you get the right advice here at Midland Health. Prescriptions and repeated prescriptions can be issues by our private GPs if that is necessary.

Benefits of a Private Doctor Appointment

Convenient Appointment Booking

We understand how busy everyone is and if you are required to see a GP right away, at Midland Health we can find a suitable time that works around your timetable. Private consultations are more accessible and flexible to patients as they provide you with the possibility of booking appointments in a speedy manner and at your convenience as our GPs are available early morning, evening and during Saturdays as well.

A dedicated team of GPs

We ensure that our patients leave happy and at ease with consultation times being usually extended to fully discuss the issues that are bothering the patient.  All of our GPs have an extensive background in health care and dealing with different patients in HNS surgeries or other private clinics.

No waiting lists

There are no waiting lists when it comes to our private appointments. We provide prompt and fast consultations so that your health issues are being taken care of. At Midland Health, we are able to offer you quick diagnostics and referrals without having to worry. This way, we ensure that any serious medical health that patients might be suffering are treated as soon as possible.

Easy Payment

You can opt to pay yourself or leave it to your health insurance (you would have to check with them if they are able to cover it) If you are prescribed a private prescription, you can hand it to any pharmacy and they will take care of it. However, the price of medicines will be covered by you.

Doctor rupa during a private doctor appointment

Private GP Care

Midland Health is based in Birmingham, in the Edgbaston area which is very close to the city centre. Unlike walk-in clinics, your appointment can be arranged according to your own schedule. In case of urgent appointments, we will try to accommodate your request on the same day. To ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease, you will be allocated one of our GPs that can support you with all the issues you require.

If you’d like to know more about Midland Health, how to book your first consultation with one of our private GP, or have any queries or feedback, please complete our contact form and a Midland Health representative will get back to you.

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