Midland Health Complaints Procedure

At Midland Health we are committed to providing a high-quality healthcare service and enriching the lives of our patients. On occasion, patients may feel unhappy with the service they received and may wish to make a complaint. Our complaints procedure is in place to help resolve your complaint effectively and efficiently. We listen to your complaints, take them seriously and learn from them in order to continuously improve our service. Your complaint will be treated in confidence and you will be treated with courtesy and fairness at all times. 

How to make a complaint?

  • Complaints can be made verbally, or in writing to Midland Health. Complaints can be emailed to us on hello@midlandhealth.co.uk . Where possible, we encourage you to raise a complaint in writing.

Address: 23a Highfield Road, Edgbaston, B15 3DP

Contact Number: 0121 769 0999

**Please note all Stage 1 complaints should be made within 6 months of the initial event**

When will I receive a response? Stage 1

  • All stage 1 complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 2 working days of receipt. 
  • Upon receiving your complaint, we will promptly begin the process of a thorough investigation. 
  • We aim to resolve complaints within 14 working days of receipt by providing you with a full written response detailing the outcomes of our investigations and decisions. 
  • Sometimes it may take longer than 14 days to resolve a complaint if the complaint is complex and further investigations are required. If this is the case, we will keep you updated of the progress. 

What if I am dissatisfied with your initial response? Stage 2

  • If you are dissatisfied with our response at stage 1, you can escalate your complaint to the stage 2 internal independent review process. This must be done in writing to the above address and within 6 months of receiving a stage 1 response. 
  • You will be provided with a written response on the outcome of the review within 20 working days. Where the investigation is still in progress, you will receive a letter explaining the reasons for the delay.

What if I am still dissatisfied? Stage 3

  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the stage 2 review, you have the right to escalate your complaint to ISCAS for Stage 3 Independent External Adjudication. This should be done within 6 months of receiving a stage 2 response and the complaint should be made in writing to the following:

ISCAS CEDR 3rd Floor 100 St. Pauls Churchyard, London, EC4M 8BU, 020 7536 6091

Please note that escalation to Stage 3 ISCAS Adjudication is free of charge for service users. 

For further information on how ISCAS handle Stage 3 complaints, please click here.

Please note that the details of your complaint will be kept in a confidential register which we are obliged to keep and supply to the Commission on an annual basis.

In addition, anonymised details will be circulated to all staff members to keep them aware of the situation and if the complaint is valid to see this as a positive learning experience.