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Midland Health’s private ASD clinic in Birmingham provides professional autism testing in Birmingham, suitable for both adults and children. Our psychiatrist-led service is designed to offer a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and management service for anyone who has an autistic spectrum disorder, such as autism or Asperger's syndrome.

Our team will work closely with you and your family from your initial consultation with our experienced consultant psychiatrist or paediatrician all the way through any follow-up medical treatment and psychological support. Offering discretion and complete confidentiality, we are here to guide you and help you manage your ASD for a better quality of life.

You don’t need to see a GP to get a referral. You can book your private autism consultation with a specialist ASD psychiatrist or paediatrician, at our Birmingham-based clinic by getting in touch today. Urgent appointments may be available on short notice (based on availability).

Book Your Free 10-Minute Adult ASD Consultation

If you’re not sure about what to expect from our ADHD or ASD assessment process, why not discuss your concerns with a qualified Consultant Psychiatrist? Chat with Dr Rostamipour, our resident Consultant Psychiatrist, and learn more about our ASD and ADHD tests, he’ll also talk you through the medications that could be prescribed.

What are Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)? 

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a broad diagnostic category of pervasive developmental disorders that affect a person’s neurodevelopment from childhood all through adulthood. Caused by differences in the brain, these result in developmental disabilities that can have a negative impact on a child's behaviour, social interactions and developmental abilities.

ASD include lifelong conditions such as:

  • Autistic Disorder
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)

You may want to consider seeking a private autism diagnosis in our Birmingham clinic if your child displays repetitive behaviours, has trouble communicating with others, feels anxious in unfamiliar situations and takes longer to process new information.

What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

Asperger’s is a much milder form of high-functioning autism. While those with this syndrome are affected to a lesser degree and usually have strong intellects, they will still experience difficulties connecting with others on a social and emotional level. Some common characteristics of Asperger's syndrome include:

  • High intelligence
  • Strong interest in a particular subject
  • Strict routines or rituals
  • Difficulty accepting change
  • Sensory issues

Testing for Asperger’s syndrome helps individuals and their families, friends and employers gain an understanding of why they may experience difficulties and how they can manage these.

Our ASD Services

We provide a complete ASD service including a reliable assessment and management for all autism spectrum disorders. Designed to help children, adolescents and adults, our approach is applied by expert psychiatrists and paediatricians with a wealth of experience under their belt.

First, our medical specialists will conduct an initial assessment, which incorporates a gold-standard diagnostic interview for ASD to understand how the condition affects your everyday life. . 

To confirm the autism diagnosis, you will also be given a series of questionnaires which are completed online by you or in the case of a child, the parents and school, so we can gather objective, reliable data to establish a baseline and measure your ASD symptoms. If you are found to have ASD, this data will be a useful measurement tool in your ongoing treatment, as it will allow us to determine the effectiveness of treatment interventions and discover ways to improve them if needed. 

We understand that when you or your child have been diagnosed with ASD, this could be a challenging time for your family. Our consultant psychiatrists and paediatricians will take all the necessary steps to talk through what’s coming next and how to best manage your condition in the future.

How We Diagnose ASD

We know that assessments and medical tests can be daunting. However, there is no need to worry about health or blood tests. Our autism assessment is simple. Our specialists will observe how you socialise and interact with others. We will also ask you to talk about your childhood development, as well as any mental health struggles you may have faced. The diagnostic tools we use include:

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) - used in children
  • School Report - used in children  
  • Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) and Client Questionnaire 
  • AQ-10 Autism Spectrum Quotient  
  • AQ50 - Self-assessment diagnostic questionnaire to measure the expression of autism-related traits in an individual
  • EQ40 - Empathy Quotient which is a psychological self-report of empathy 
  • RAADS-R - Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale - Revised 
  • Relative Questionnaire
  • GAD-7 - Generalised Anxiety Disorder Tool using 7 items to measure the severity
  • PHQ-9 - Patient Health Questionnaire using 9 questions to assess the severity of depression and response to treatment. 

The specialist will then compare your results to the guidelines set out by the 10th version of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) and the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), both of which are recognised diagnostic manuals using the international DSM-IV criteria for diagnosing ASD and Aspergers.

Our Treatments

Our expert ASD team will also advise you of your treatment options, including:

Our coaching services are specially designed to meet the needs of people dealing with autism, as well as their families. We understand that a diagnosis can be overwhelming. That is why we will provide you with tools that will empower you to make effective changes in your life.

CBT provides an effective treatment for those on the autism spectrum, helping patients recognise and understand how their behaviour, thoughts and emotions can affect each other. This will make it easier to manage your sensory challenges.

Our medical professionals can help you determine if medication is the right treatment for you or your child. We always have our patient’s best interests in mind and will provide honest, medically-led advice on the best treatment option for you.

We believe that post-diagnosis support is just as important as getting tested. We will provide you with ongoing support to help you successfully manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

With us, you won’t have to face your diagnosis alone. Simply book an appointment with our autism specialist to discover how we can support you today.

The Benefits

Getting a formal autism diagnosis is not as scary as it sounds and will provide you with more than just a label for your symptoms. The benefits of a timely diagnosis include:

  • Clarity on why you may experience certain difficulties
  • Practical steps to manage these difficulties
  • Correct a previous misdiagnosis, such as schizophrenia
  • Access to appropriate ASD services, benefits and support
  • Get the right treatment plan

Our Team

Accompanying them is Dr Hossein Rostamipour. Dr Hossein is a respected psychiatrist working in esteemed mental health institutions in South London. He specialises in assessing and treating individuals with neurodiversity, particularly complex ADHD and the combination of ADHD with Autism or other mental health disorders. With extensive experience, he aims to raise awareness of ADHD and help those affected. Dr Hossein conducts over a hundred assessments and treatments for ADHD patients annually, developing personalised management plans. He emphasises that ADHD often goes undiagnosed, leading to potential discrimination and misunderstood symptoms. Traditional therapy and medication may not be effective without identifying ADHD as the underlying cause.

Dr Hossein Rostamipour, Psychiatrist at Midland Health's Birmingham Clinic

Why Choose Us?

Looking for a private autism testing service near you? Here are some of the reasons to come to our clinic in Birmingham for ASD advice:

  • Psychiatrist-led service for adults 
  • Autism testing for children and adults with a specialist Paediatric Neurodevelopmental Consultant 
  • Psychological support & ASD management offered
  • Appointments are available on short notice with no long waiting time 
  • State-of-the-art ASD clinic in Birmingham 
  • No referrals needed 
  • Online appointments for adults

Step 1. Adult ASD appointment requested

Step 2. Appointment date offered and booked

Step 3. Deposit paid at booking

Step 4. Receive appointment confirmation with questionnaire links

Step 5. Questionnaires to be submitted

This must be sent to us at least a week before the appointment. Outstanding
payment for the appointment to be made at least one week prior to the consultation
with the doctor.

Step 6. Online assessment takes place with Consultant Psychiatrist

Step 7. Report and diagnosis received within 4 weeks of your consultation

Step 1. Enquiry and Response

We receive an enquiry by parent about ASD assessment, then our team will respond and explain the process.

Step 2. Booking Appointment

50% deposit taken at the time of booking.

Step 3. Further Information

Our neurodiversity team will send you the questionnaires that need completing by the school and parents 1 week prior the first appointment.

Step 4. Payment

Full payment will be required 1 week prior the first appointment.

Step 5. Appointments

ADIR (Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised)- This is one of the most widely used diagnostic algorithms in determining whether children have autism or autism spectrum disorder. This is essentially an interview with the parents and it is performed online with our Consultant Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician. (1.5 hour interview).

ADOS- This is a semi-structured standardised assessment of communication, social interaction, and play. It will be dace to face with your child and our Speech and Language Therapist. (1 hour assessment).

There is not an order for the above appointments, parents can decide which one is more suitable for them to start with depending on their availability- those must be close to each other.

Step 6. Multidisciplinary team meeting

Both of our consultant specialists will discuss the findings of both appointments to write your child ASD Report.

Step 7. Second appointment

Once the draft report is ready, you will be contacted to arrange a follow up appointment to discuss the findings- this will happen in around 4 weeks from the last appointment.
Your child must be present at the appointment. (30min appointment).

Step 8. Report and conclusion

You will receive the written report within 4-6 weeks from your last appointment - usually after the follow up has happened and the report has been discussed with the Consultant.


Introductory Call with Our Consultant Psychiatrist


Adult ADHD Assessment


(£995 to book your assessment appointment and £250 to book your report feedback appointment)

Adult ASD Assessment


(2 Hours)

Child Follow Up ADHD Appointment


Child ASD Assessment


(ADOS (60 min) and ADIR (2 hours) need to be booked on separate days)

Child ADHD Assessment


Child Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician New Consultation


(60 min)

Our assessments are suitable for ages 10+

Please inform us if:

  • You currently have a substance misuse problem?
  • You have a diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder?
  • You have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia? 
  • You have a Learning Disability?
  • You have Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder?

Book Your Private ASD Assessment

With our accessible pay-as-you-go autism testing service, you will be able to book an appointment with a leading ASD specialist and get your private autism diagnosis in Birmingham without a referral. Long waiting times will also not be a problem as we offer same-day and next-day appointments too (appointments on short notice are subject to availability).

Adult appointments are all online and paediatric appointments will be split into face-to-face and online. The ADOS assessment will need to be conducted face-to-face in our Birmingham clinic and then the ADIR and follow-up appointment will be done online.

Our Private Autism Clinic in Birmingham

All private ASD assessments are carried out in our newly refurbished ASD clinic in Birmingham. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located within the well-known Edgbaston Village under the roof of a stunning listed Georgian building within the Calthorpe Estate. 

With an experienced team of caring medical professionals by your side, you will be provided with all the specialist support you need when you or your child undergo autism testing, diagnostics and treatment. 

The address of our autism and Autism and Asperger’s clinic is Highfield Clinic, 23a Highfield Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3DP.

We have translators available for your appointment.

Digital Prescription

Midland Health has partnered with a highly reputable online pharmacy provider, Cloud Rx to ensure you receive your prescriptions directly to your home address as a next-day service. This way, you can be sure the medicine is available and delivered directly to your home or nominated address. No need for paper prescriptions or to have to go to multiple pharmacies to find the medicine that has been issued by our Midland Health doctors to you. To find out more about our digital prescription service please click here.

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