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Providing an easy to navigate pay-as-you-go service, Midland Health provides comprehensive healthcare for all the family with the aid of one of our private GPs. Consultation is private and confidential and allows patients the space to relax and talk through any health concerns with an experienced professional who can provide much needed answers. Helping everyone to understand their own health needs and supporting the necessary changes to aid a happy and healthy life, Midland Health aims to empower individuals to take the lead in their own healthcare, whilst picking up any early signs of ill-health.


Our Private Consultations with our experienced GPs will be thorough and holistic. We recommend a standard GP consultation (30 minutes) if you require a full history, examination and tests. Our consultations include a prescription if needed with no extra charge. Our experienced GPs will not leave a stone unturned. Their thorough approach can sometimes be what is required when you haven’t quite got the answers you have been looking for. They will look at all aspects affecting your health such as physical, psychological, social and emotional. They will get to know you and all things affecting you to jointly come up with a management plan.

At Midland Health, we understand the importance of making things simple and offer tailored advice which is straight forward and works for you. Many conditions which are non-communicable can be managed through a lifestyle approach. Changes may be hard to maintain, which is why you and your private GP work together to design an easy to follow plan, with those all-important milestones mapped out so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal.


Express GP Consultation


(15 min)

Standard GP Consultation


(30 min)

Long GP Consultation


(45 min)

Extended GP Consultation


(60 min)

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