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Urinary system issues can be uncomfortable and disruptive. Varying in severity, some conditions can be life-threatening, meaning you need an expert diagnosis quickly.

Our private urologist at our Birmingham urology clinic can assess your condition and perform crucial testing for an exact diagnosis. From there, we create a treatment plan full of our signature attentive care to help you recover quickly.

Our Urology Services

Our resident Urologists, treat several conditions. We offer consultations at our Birmingham clinic for:

Prostatic Problems

Found in men and transwomen, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland surrounding the urethra. As you age, it typically grows, putting pressure on the urethra and affecting urination. 

The prostate can become swollen; a condition called prostatitis. This swelling is sometimes due to a bacterial infection, though other times it may have no obvious cause. Look out for pain in the perineum, pelvis, genitals, bottom or lower back or when urinating or ejaculating. Also, look for any issues whilst urinating.

Prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer among men; 1 in 6 men will receive a diagnosis in their lifetime. As you age, your chances of developing it increase, though your ethnicity and family history also impact your risk. If your urination becomes more frequent or difficult, or you see blood in your urine or semen, consult our in-house urologist.

LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms)

Urinary symptoms, sometimes termed  “Lower urinary tract symptoms”, are often caused by issues with bladder, prostatic or urethral problems. There are numerous causes including urological issues but also problems with the heart, circulation and nervous system. 

Recurrent UTIs

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are characterised by pain or burning discomfort when urinating, increased urination frequency, cloudy, bloody or strong-smelling urine, abdominal or lower back pain or abnormal body temperatures.

Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Problems

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection and can be caused by many factors. Stress, tiredness and excessive alcohol consumption are behind most causes, although sometimes medication, high blood pressure, diabetes, hormones or mental health issues are at fault.

Testicular Lumps and Pain

Although they are rarely serious, lumps, swelling, changes in shape and feel or aching in the testicles can signal testicular cancer and other underlying issues. Our resident private urologist can examine and treat these conditions. Testicular cancer is a common worry for men and an early diagnosis is essential. 

Abnormal and Raised PSA

Normal and cancer cells in the prostate produce a protein called Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA). Its appearance in your blood is completely normal and typically increases as you age. However, high levels of PSA can indicate prostate issues and possibly prostate cancer.


Haematuria is blood in your urine. It can be either gross haematuria, meaning visible blood, or microscopic haematuria: blood that is invisible to the naked eye, and can be caused by kidney stones, a UTI or prostate problems.

Pelvic Pain

We comprehensively investigate pelvic pain to uncover its origins and potential causes. Pelvic pain may stem from conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, musculoskeletal issues, or urinary tract problems. Our skilled team employs thorough assessments, diagnostic techniques, and medical expertise to identify the underlying factors contributing to pelvic pain, allowing for personalised and effective treatment strategies.

Bladder Pain 

Our urology consultations delve into the exploration of bladder pain, aiming to identify its underlying causes. Bladder pain can arise from various factors such as infections, interstitial cystitis, bladder stones, or other structural issues. Our team assesses symptoms, conducts thorough examinations, and employs diagnostic tools to determine the specific cause of bladder pain, tailoring treatment plans for effective relief.

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A Flexible Cystoscopy with Consultation


Biopsy following Cystoscopy & Report


Urology Consultation


(30 min)

Arriving for Your Consultation

When you arrive for your consultation, our friendly reception staff will sign you in and direct you toward the waiting area for the appointment. 

Then, Mr Bhatt will call you into a consultation room, where he will ask you some questions about your symptoms. He will examine your symptoms and recommend the best next steps. Typically, you will receive additional testing for a detailed picture of your health.

Urology Tests

We may conduct further tests to collect more information for a comprehensive diagnosis. Once the results come back, Mr Bhatt will explain their implications and use them to diagnose and treat urinary conditions. 

Here are some of the tests we offer:


A flexible cystoscopy is a medical procedure that examines the bladder using a thin, flexible tube called a cystoscope, providing greater manoeuvrability and comfort compared to rigid cystoscopes. It is generally well-tolerated, often pain-free, and may involve local anaesthesia for added comfort. The procedure aims to visually inspect the bladder for abnormalities like tumours, stones, or signs of infection, making it a valuable diagnostic tool for various bladder issues.

At Midland Health, we are pleased to now have this advanced equipment at our Birmingham clinic, allowing us to arrange and carry out flexible cystoscopies to suit you.


A urine test examines your urine’s appearance and chemical and microscopic composition to diagnose any underlying conditions.

Blood Tests

There are three urology blood tests. Firstly is a PSA test which detects prostate-specific antigen to identify possible prostate cancer. You can also have a creatinine and blood urea nitrogen test which measures the ratio of creatinine to blood urea nitrogen to evaluate kidney function. Finally, we may recommend a testosterone test to identify whether your testosterone levels could cause erectile dysfunction. 


During a pyelogram, a radiographer injects dye into a vein and then uses an X-ray to watch it move through your kidneys to the bladder. It allows them to examine your ureters and kidneys.

Voiding Cystourethrogram

A voiding cystourethrogram, or VCUG, shows a urologist the size of your bladder and its ability to drain fluid. This information highlights abnormalities in the bladder and urethra.


An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to generate an image of your internal organs. Though most people associate them with pregnancy scans, they can detect kidney stones and other urinary issues. Plus, we conduct them in-house.

MRI Scan

Using magnets and radio waves, an MRI scan produces a detailed 3D image of your internal organs. We can refer you to an MRI facility near your home so that you do not have to wait or travel for the scan.

CT Scan

A CT scan differentiates between liquids and solids inside the body, allowing the radiographer to identify tumours, cysts, masses and stones. We can refer you for a CT scan at a location near you. 

Urology Surgery

In some cases, surgery is the best treatment. Mr Bhatt performs these procedures with equipment at our Birmingham urology clinic. That way, you do not have to wait for treatment and can recover sooner. 

Meet Our Consultant Urologists

We are immensely proud to have a private urologist team in the West Midlands at our Birmingham clinic. They can support you with consultations, testing and treatment to alleviate urinary issues. 

Dr Rupesh Bhatt

Mr Rupesh Bhatt is a highly accomplished and trusted Consultant Urological Surgeon specialising in uro-oncology and laparoscopic urology. With extensive training and experience, including at the renowned Christie Hospital, he is sought after for challenging cases and second opinions. His expertise in kidney cancer surgery was showcased in the BBC TV series "Surgeons: At the Edge of Life: Last Chance Saloon." He holds a doctorate in prostate cancer stem cells, has numerous publications and awards, and actively contributes to national committees and guidelines. Patients from across the country consult him, and he provides compassionate and innovative care with effective communication. His practice also includes vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, and circumcision, serving a wide geographical area.

Dr Shabi Ahmad

Dr. Shabi Ahmad is a highly experienced Consultant Urological Surgeon with over 8 years of dedicated service in Birmingham. Prior to his tenure in Birmingham, Dr. Ahmad spent 6 years honing his skills in the North East. Renowned for his expertise in complex stone surgeries, Dr. Ahmad stands out as one of the few Consultants offering this specialised service.

In addition to his proficiency in stone surgeries, Dr. Ahmad specialises in the management of male and female incontinence, urinary tract infections, urological cancers, blood in the urine, BPH, and overactive bladder. His career path was deeply influenced by a familial history of kidney issues, having tragically lost his father and two uncles to renal failure. This personal connection fuels his passion for supporting and aiding individuals with renal diseases.

Outside of his professional commitments, Dr. Ahmad actively engages in charitable endeavours on both national and international fronts, contributing his expertise to organisations such as BAUS and Royal Colleges.

Why Choose Midland Health?

If you suffer from a urology condition, you need expert advice as soon as possible. At our private urology clinic in Birmingham, you do not have to wait for an appointment or obtain a GP referral to see a specialist. We have consultations available at a time that suits you.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding care that looks after your needs from when you book an appointment with us to the moment you step out of our doors after your treatment. Whatever your concern, our team can help.

By choosing us, you benefit from:

  • A consultation within days
  • The expertise and experience of our in-house urologist
  • No waiting lists or GP referrals
  • An innovative medical clinic with advanced equipment 
  • Excellent patient-first care

Our Private Urology Clinic in Birmingham

Our private urologist operates from our Birmingham clinic, located in Edgbaston. It has six consultation rooms and all the modern equipment required to deliver specialist, attentive care. 

You can easily reach us via public transport by using the bus services to Highfield Road or walking to the clinic from Five Ways Station. If you drive, you can park outside the clinic.  

We have translators available for your appointment.

Digital Prescription

Midland Health has partnered with a highly reputable online pharmacy provider, Cloud Rx to ensure you receive your prescriptions directly to your home address as a next-day service. This way, you can be sure the medicine is available and delivered directly to your home or nominated address. No need for paper prescriptions or to have to go to multiple pharmacies to find the medicine that has been issued by our Midland Health doctors to you. To find out more about our digital prescription service please click here.

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