Travellers after getting a Typhoid Vaccine

What is Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection which spreads throughout the body affecting multiple organs. If untreated, typhoid fever can cause serious complications e.g. internal bleeding which can fatal.

Areas of high risk for typhoid fever include the Indian subcontinent, parts of Africa, south and southeast Asia and South America. If it is not immediately diagnosed and treated it can lead to permanent disabilities or death.

Where is the Typhoid Fever located?

Areas that are most affected with the typhoid fever are usually the ones where the standards of hygiene are low.  Areas of high risk for typhoid fever include the Indian subcontinent, parts of Africa, south and southeast Asia and South America. It has been shown that the people who develop the symptoms,s of the typhoid fever usually get it after having visited countries such as India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

A vaccination for typhoid fever is recommended if you are travelling to an area of high risk, especially if you are planning on staying there for longer periods or if you intend on working with the locals. 

The Typhoid Fever Vaccine

There are two vaccinations available to choose from. One is an injection, the other consists of a course of tablets. Which vaccine is suitable for you depends on your age and medical history.

  • Vi vaccine (given in one dose as a single injection).
  • Ty21a vaccine (given in 3 doses as capsules taken on alternate days).

The vaccine prompts your body to produce antibodies which in turn help your immune system to battle the typhoid bacteria. Extra precautions should be taken as the vaccine is not 100% effective, so being cautious about the food and water abroad is recommended. 

Who should not have the Typhoid Vaccine?

The Ty21a is not suitable for people with a compromised immune system e.g. a diagnosis of HIV or if receiving treatment for another disease. There is no evidence to suggest either vaccination is unsafe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. The Typhoid vaccine is not recommended for children under 6 years of age.

When should I get the Typhoid Vaccine?

The Typhoid vaccine should be administered at least 1 month before travel and should be re-administered every 3 years if regularly travelling to high-risk areas.

What are the side effects of Typhoid Fever Vaccine?

Some of the symptoms of typhoid vaccine may include the following:
✔ soreness
✔ redness
✔ swelling
✔ tenderness around the area you got an injection
✔ although it’s rare, some people might have a high fever (38C or more)

What other precautions should I take?

✔ You should only drink water from sealed bottled or water that was boiled recently
✔ Avoid having ice put in your drinks
✔ Try not to eat any uncooked fruit and vegetable, unless washed in safe water or peeled by yourself


  • Typhoid Vaccine - £75
  • Full Travel Health Consultation including vaccination administration (30 min) - £120

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