Many people are allergic to stone fruits; fruits containing pits such as peaches or dates, which can cause mild itchiness of the mouth or stomach upset. For some, allergy to stone fruits can cause a severe reaction such as anaphylaxis.

Testing for stone fruit allergy can be done via a blood test involving measuring the number of certain antibodies in the bloodstream which are allergen-specific.

Treatment usually involves avoiding the allergen which causing the reaction, as well as prescription of antihistamines to help manage symptoms. In severe cases, you may be required to carry an epinephrine pen to manage anaphylactic shock.
Your Midland Health GP will be able to talk you through a clear prevention and treatment plan for managing an allergy in the event of a positive test result.


Stone Fruit Allergy Blood Test


(includes 9 stone fruits) * Swab or blood appointment fee is not included in the price

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