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Meningitis Group C Vaccine

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Meningitis C is a bacterial infection spread through exchanges of respiratory fluid e.g. kissing or sneezing and can be potentially fatal for those with compromised immunity.

Combined with Haemophilis B Influenzae type B (Hib) the vaccine is routinely administered to infants in a single injection aged 1 year. The stand-alone Meningitis C vaccine is recommended aged 14 years of age to provide long-lasting protection but may also be offered to students at University.

Travellers to certain countries are also advised to take the Meningitis C vaccine; for example, people taking part in the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages in Saudi Arabia, or those entering some African countries. At our private clinic in Birmingham, you can discuss your Meningitis Group C vaccine options with one of our friendly GPs that will answer any questions that you might have.


  • Meningitis C Vaccine -
  • Vaccination Appointment (single vaccine) - £35
  • Vaccination Appointment (up to 3 vaccines) - £60

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