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At Midland Health, we also offer Rhinolight treatment for the relief of hayfever symptoms, as well as eczemas and rashes caused by other allergic reactions. When other common solutions, such as sprays and steroids fail, UV light therapy on the nose can be a successful hayfever treatment for both children and adults.  

The Rhinolight treatment is non-invasive and pain-free, with some patients reporting an improvement from as early as the first session. As the application of phototherapy for hay fever symptoms boasts a high success rate, it’s a very popular choice amongst our hay fever patients.

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Rhinolight Treatment

Price of Treatment From £130

What are the key benefits of Rhinolight treatment?

  • Destroys the cells responsible for the allergies.
  • Reduces the number of cells responsible for rhinitis and sinusitis.
  • Suitable for adults and children.

How many sessions do you need?

Minimum of six session for the ones suffering seasonal hay-fever.

Is the Rhinolight procedure painful?

This is a pain-free procedure, patients do not experience any pain during the treatment.

How does Rhinolight Treatment Work?

We use modern Rhinolight machines to shine a special high-intensity UV light into each nostril. Each treatment session takes just 2-3 minutes. The procedure for seasonal hayfever is conducted within 6 treatment sessions in 2 weeks to relieve the symptoms; for all year-round allergy, the procedure is completed in 8 treatment sessions over 6 weeks. 

Although no treatment can guarantee results, most people report alleviation of their symptoms within the first two weeks of UV light treatment with a Rhinolight machine.   

Once you have completed a full course of treatment over a month, you can schedule follow-up “booster” sessions every 2-3 months to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment.  

What are the benefits of Rhinolight phototherapy? 

UV therapy offers a number of benefits for people suffering from hayfever and other allergies including:

  • Blocking histamine to prevent allergy and hay fever symptoms that impact the nose and the sinuses 
  • Destroying some of the cells responsible for allergies (eosinophils and lymphocytes)
  • Reducing the number of ECP and IL-5 in nasal secretions - they are amongst the main triggers of rhinitis and sinusitis

As the Rhinolight machine does not damage the nose or the sinuses and the procedure is completely pain-free, it’s a perfect solution for your seasonal hayfever relief and allergic rhinitis.

Trust Midland Heath 

Our general practitioners are aware of the impact that severe hay fever can have and provide comprehensive evaluations to determine the most suitable treatment for your allergy. No need for waitlists, simply choose the date and time that works for you. Our exceptional patient care, combined with easy access to specialists and state-of-the-art facilities at two convenient locations, make our healthcare services accessible and efficient. No referrals are required, and no extended wait times.

Our Additional Hay Fever Treatments

There is now a wide range of over-the-counter relief for hay fever sufferers from eye drops and nose to numerous brands of antihistamine tablets. For long-term sufferers, Rhinolight phototherapy is usually enough to provide them with the respite they need. However, for those struggling with extreme hay fever allergies, an alternative treatment may be necessary. Arrange for a consultation with one of our GPs to discuss the options available to you.


Adult Rhinolight Consultation


Paediatric Rhinolight Consultation


Six Session Rhinolight Treatment


Eight Session Rhinolight Treatment


Our State-of-the-Art Clinics

Our Birmingham-based hay fever clinic is situated in the central Edgbaston area, a short 15-minute walk from Five Ways Train Station or easily reached by car via the A456. 


Are there any side effects of Rhinolight therapy?

No, the UV light treatment is safe and has no known side effects. Phototherapy causes no damage to the nasal lining or the cells that line the nose and sinuses. You may experience occasional, short-lived dryness of the nasal lining but a simple moisturising gel or spray can alleviate that.

Can I use the Rhinolight machine if I am breastfeeding?

Yes, Rhinolight treatment is safe for breastfeeding or expectant mothers.

Can I use the Rhinolight machine if I am an athlete?

Yes, the treatment is perfect for professional athletes who are not allowed to take certain hay fever medications.

How long does the treatment last for?

This varies from patient to patient as everyone’s severity of their nasal/sinus issues are different. It can last up to 12 months.

Is it something you have to do every year?

No but some people would benefit from this if their symptoms return.

Is it guaranteed to last a year?

Every individual will react differently to the treatment.

If you’re having it yearly what are the long term side effects, if any?

Rhinolight targets the allergy cells and lining the nasal lining with a safe range
of U/V and natural light so there is no risk of side effects.

Can I continue to use my nasal spray and medication as normal?

Yes continue to use as you would.

If after six sessions I feel I could do with a few more sessions what is the waiting period to start?

We would recommend you wait 7-10 days to allow the nasal passage to recover
and then you could commence the perennial rhinolight program which is 8
sessions over 6 weeks. This is the program we recommend for all year-round
allergy symptoms.

On the last session is 3 minutes the length of time that can be given?

Yes it is.

If I am pregnant will I be able to have the treatment?

Yes you can still have the treatment.

Can it cause nose bleeds?

Yes this is possible so do not be alarmed but if it is constant then you need to
inform the medical practitioner.

Can it cause headaches?

No but if you experience this throughout your treatments then please inform the
medical practitioner

What if my nose is too dry or sore?

We recommend you use Vitamin A oil which you can buy in most pharmacies
and put this into your nasal passages.

Is there any other treatments if Rhinolight fails?

Immuno-therapy is an option and this would involve de-sensitising you to the
allergen. You would need to see a paediatric or adult allergy specialist for this

We have translators available for your appointment.

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