Allergies to nuts includes almonds, brazil, walnuts and pecan, and is often grouped alongside sensitivity to non-cereal seeds such as linseed and sesame. Peanuts are perhaps the most commonly thought of nut allergy, however, they are actually a type of legume.

Symptoms of allergy range from slight itching or swelling of the tongue, to life-threatening anaphylaxis. Testing can be done via a blood test which involves measuring the number of certain antibodies in the bloodstream which are allergen-specific.

A nut or seed allergy cannot be cured; however, you may be prescribed antihistamines to help manage symptoms. In severe cases, you may be required to carry an epinephrine pen to manage anaphylactic shock. Your Midland Health GP will be able to talk you through a clear prevention and treatment plan for managing an allergy in the event of a positive test result.


  • Food Allergy Blood Test (covers the 9 main food allergens inlcudes Peanut and Sesame) - £227*
  • Nuts and Seeds Allergy Profile Blood Test - £323*
  • Phlebotomy Appointment - £35
  • Standard GP Consultation (30 min) - £120
  • Express GP Consultation (15 min) - £60

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