Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a common infection caused by an overgrowth of natural bacteria found in the vagina. This can lead to excess discharge with a foul smell. Symptoms may be mild and clear up on their own, but in some cases, a course of antibiotic medication may be required. Risk factors which increase the chances of developing BV include being a smoker, having a new sexual partner and using an IUD method of contraception.
If you are worried about BV, it may be a good idea to visit your Midland Health GP. You will be examined by a female doctor who’ll ask about your sexual history and general lifestyle factors to help plan the way forward. A vaginal swab may be recommended to test your vaginas acidity level and confirm diagnosis. With Midland Health, we understand this may not be the most comfortable of appointments, however, always endeavour to put you at ease. If you have any questions or concerns about BV testing and treatment, please don’t hesitate to book in for a full consultation.


  • Candida/Gardnerella/Trichomonas Swab Test - £102
  • 7 STI screen Urine or Swab Test (Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea/Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma/Trichomonas/Garderella/Herpes 1&2 - £240
  • Standard GP Consultation (30 min) - £120
  • Express GP Consultation (15 min) - £60

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