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Malaria is a tropical disease spread via mosquitoes. Symptoms include extreme fever, headaches and vomiting. On receipt of adequate treatment, most people will make a full recovery, however, malaria can lead to serious complications for those who have compromised immunity or if not properly treated. Potential complications include severe anaemia, or cerebral infection resulting in coma or brain damage. The most effective way to manage malaria risk is to take reasonable measures to prevent infection if you are travelling to a high-risk country.

Appropriate preventative measures may include;

  • Checking local government websites so you are aware of the risks related to the area you are travelling to.
  • Learning about the signs and symptoms of Malaria for early identification if you or someone close to you becomes infected.
  • Ensuring adequate health insurance and understanding the system of health for the country you are travelling to.
  • Using insect repellent and other measures to prevent bites e.g. sleeping under a mosquito net.
  • Consulting your GP about taking a course of anti-malarial medication.

At our anti-malarial private clinic, you can book a full consultation with our friendly GP, who will talk you through everything you need to know regarding malaria risk if you are travelling. Together, you can plan a full course of preventative treatment, including the prescription of anti-malarial medication as required.


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