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Effectively manage absenteeism and optimise your workforce by signing up to a private GP service for employees. With Midland Health, you can avoid long waiting times for health appointments and ensure illness doesn’t spread within the workplace by getting fast access to a range of health services for your staff team. We understand the power of preventative medicine and intervening early to reduce time taken off work. Our experienced Midland Health GPs are able to offer a personalised GP consultation and continuity of care to ensure your employees are living longer and healthier lives.

If you’d like to discuss our Private GP for Employees package further, please call 0121 769 0999 to arrange a meeting with our Medical Director or alternatively email us on hello@midlandhealth.co.uk


Express GP Consultation


(15 min)

Standard GP Consultation


(30 min)

Long GP Consultation


(45 min)

Extended GP Consultation


(60 min)

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