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Regardless of what your child is struggling with, whether it is discomfort with their ears, nose or throat, their suffering affects the whole family. At our private paediatric ENT clinic in Birmingham, we offer consultations specialising in issues involving your child’s ears, nose or throat. 

At Midland Health, we have access to some of the UK’s leading Paediatric specialists who can establish where the problem lies and develop a medical plan or surgical solution as soon as possible, so as not to hinder your child’s vital development. 


Our Paediatric ENT Services

At our private paediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinic, we can help your child with a range of conditions or pain they may be experiencing. With the experience and knowledge of our ENT specialists, we can offer consultations and treatment plans for the following:

  • Glue ear
  • Wax Micro-Suction 
  • Tongue Tie
  • Tonsillitis/Enlarged tonsils
  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnoea 
  • Recurring ear infection
  • Prominent ears
  • Airway problems 

Let our specialist paediatric consultants help treat your child’s problems allowing them to hear, breathe and sleep more comfortably. At Midland Health your child will be treated in a holistic manner taking into account the view of the family. 

How Our Specialists Can Help Your Child

Our range of ENT services is inclusive, but not limited to, the following treatments: 

Within the inner workings of an ear, you will find the ear canal. The middle part of the ear canal is empty; however, when this region fills up with fluid, it is recognised as a glue ear. For some children, it can cause temporary hearing loss. In most cases, glue ears can clear up within 3 months, but if your child is suffering from a speech delay and difficulty hearing, it is best to contact a specialist ENT consultant. 

It is possible to suspect glue ears if your child has a speech delay or is asking for things to be repeated, putting the volume up on the TV, computer or mobile phone, or talking louder than normal. In addition to their hearing problems, they may also be complaining of pain or a build-up of pressure in their ears. Some children can also struggle with balance and sleeping.

For children suffering from a build-up of earwax or blocked ears, micro-suction is used to remove any excess by suction. Micro-suction is often only suitable for any child that's able to remain still. While the small probe, similar to a miniature vacuum cleaner, provides a fast and painless solution, it can be quite noisy. Unlike other Microsuction Clinics, we use a state-of-the-art operating microscope (other clinics use loops).

Tongue-tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is a problem that presents itself from birth. It occurs when the tongue is severely restricted by a fold of tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This bit of tissue is referred to as the frenulum. The frenulum in most children doesn't cause any problems but, in some cases, it can, especially if it's anterior (towards the tip of the tongue). A posterior tongue can also cause issues in extremely rare circumstances. For some, the natural development of the mouth causes the tongue-tie to resolve itself. However, children with tongue-tie can often struggle with breastfeeding, licking ice creams and in rare circumstances. At Midland Health we are able to review and treat children with suspected tongue tie (Anterior and Posterior).

When tonsils or adenoids become inflamed and infected, it is commonly referred to as tonsillitis or adenoiditis. What these terms mean is that your child’s tonsils or adenoids have become infected and, as a result, your child will also suffer from a sore throat and have difficulty swallowing. Some children may also experience an inner ear infection and sleep apnea, while they are infected. If your child’s tonsils present white, pus-filled spots and symptoms persist for 4 days, it is recommended to see a consultant. 

Children with enlarged tonsils that are not causing additional problems, will not require immediate treatment. In most cases, as your child grows and develops, their tonsils will become smaller. But, if your child is struggling to sleep and snoring as a result of their enlarged tonsils, an ENT specialist could recommend a tonsillectomy or an adenotonsillectomy to address the problem.

If your child is snoring, it may be a sign of enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Snoring can also be a result of your child suffering from sleep apnoea. If you are concerned, book an appointment with an ENT consultant.

Sleep apnoea occurs when your child’s breathing is partially or completely blocked during sleep. Your child may wake from sleep tired and unhappy, and even with a headache. Other signs of sleep apnea in children include:

  • Snoring, gasping and snorting while sleeping
  • Heavy breathing
  • Restless nights
  • Unusual sleeping positions
  • Trouble with bedwetting
  • Sleeping during the day 
  • Learning and behavioural problems
  • Sleepwalking
  • Night terrors

Fortunately, for the majority of children suffering from paediatric obstructive sleep apnea is treatable. Contact our paediatric ENT specialists today.

Ear infections can be extremely common in children and some children become prone to recurring ear infections. The most common cause of infection is a build-up of infected fluid behind the eardrum. Left untreated and ear infections can be especially dangerous, causing long-term hearing loss. As your child is still developing their immune system, they are less equipped in fighting off infections and, consequently, are more likely to suffer from an ear infection. They can also develop glue ear as a result of ear infections which in turn can lead to speech delay.

If your child suffers from chronic recurring ear infections, there are medical and surgical treatments available to help reduce their chances of suffering from these infections. An example of this treatment is ventilation tubes/Grommets.

If your child is struggling to breathe or experiencing a sudden blockage in their airways, call for an ambulance immediately. For non-emergency airway problems, seeking advice from an ENT specialist is advised. The following ENT issues can cause airway problems, a blocked nose, allergies, large tonsils and adenoids, throat, Vocal cord (voice box) and trachea (windpipe).

Our Paediatric ENT Team

At our private clinic in Birmingham, our specialist paediatric ENT team is led by Mr Amit Parmar. Amit is an experienced Adult and Paediatric Consultant specialising in ENT, Head and Neck Surgery. Attending the prestigious St Bartholomew’s and Royal London School of Medicine, his initial training involved rotations at well-known institutions both in the UK and internationally. These placements included Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Melbourne Eye and Ear Hospital.

Amit received distinctions for his studies and went on to win both regional and nationally competitive awards, including the Henry Silverman ENT prize and the Wolfson Fellowship. His specific ENT/Head and Neck/Facial Plastics training and fellowship exams were completed around Bristol. Once these were achieved, he was admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons of England as a Fellow.

Before settling as a Consultant ENT Surgeon at the internationally recognised Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Mr Amit Parmar went to Australia to expand his surgical skills. It was during his time in Perth that he refined his knowledge of ENT surgery, especially Airway, Head and Neck Surgery. 

Choose Midland Health

At Midland Health, we understand a parent’s sense of urgency to uncover what is causing their pain and how best to make it stop. That is why we don’t believe in making our patients wait on lengthy appointment lists. Instead, we offer consultations with specialist professionals when you need them. 

At our private clinic in Birmingham, your child will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and excellent medical care at the hands of our specialists. Midland Health sets itself apart by:

  • Offering appointments at short notice, simply choose the best time for you
  • Having no waiting lists or any need for GP referrals.
  • Offering the latest medical advice, up-to-date with national guidance and research
  • Providing exceptional patient care for all the family

To book an appointment with our specialist ENT consultants for your child, simply ring our private clinic in Birmingham today on 0121 769 0999. Alternatively, click the link below to book an appointment slot at the most convenient time for you and your family.


ENT Consultation


Ear Wax Microsuction with ENT Consultant


(both ears)

Tongue-Tie Division Under 6 months


Includes assessment and procedure in clinic


What are paediatric ENT specialists and how can they help?

Paediatric ENT consultants are those who specialise in investigating pain and discomfort around your child’s ears, nose and throat. More formally referred to as otorhinolaryngology, our specialists can help with a range of complaints from glue ear and tongue tie to sleep apnoea and snoring, to name a few. Unlike many other ENT surgeons, our specialist also works at an internationally renowned Tertiary care children’s hospital within the NHS. Which helps to ensure that you are getting the most up-to-date and highest quality care.

When might my child need to see a paediatric ENT consultant?

If your child has any pain or discomfort involving their ears, nose or throats then a paediatric ENT specialist is best qualified to help. As children grow up they are prone to innumerable infections and slight issues with their development, especially surrounding their tonsils and adenoids. Most of a child’s ENT complex is directly linked to their immune system, most acting as a barrier or filter to such infections.

Any issues that arise relating to the ears, nose or throat are best explored early. As your child is still developing, it is possible to implement treatment plans that allow your child to continue with their vital development. For example, any issues with your child’s ENT system could lead to problems with verbal fluency, hindering their communication skills. Left untreated and your child may struggle to catch up with these crucial years of development.

What can paediatric ENT treatments involve?

There are two stages to any ENT treatment: diagnosis and treatment. Your consultant must first be able to identify what, in particular, is causing your child difficulty. From here, they are able to create a bespoke treatment plan, taking into consideration your child’s medical history, that supports your child’s ongoing development. If your child requires medical intervention or surgery will be explained to you by the consultant, and any follow-up care can be arranged by Midland Health.

Please note that each treatment plan will be dependent on your child’s individual assessment.

What are the recovery times after paediatric ENT surgery?

Recovery times will vary depending on the type of procedure your child is having. The majority of paediatric ENT treatments do require general anaesthetic as they are surgical procedures.
In most cases, it is possible to return home the same day; however, in some circumstances, an overnight stay may be required. Your surgeon will advise you accordingly.

As an approximate guide, here is an idea of how long each ENT treatment’s recovery period is:

  • Tongue tie surgery/Frenulotomy – 1 day, most cases are performed in a clinic
  • Tonsillectomy – 5 days to 2 weeks, in most cases this is day case surgery
  • Adenoidectomy – 5 days, in most cases this is day case surgery
  • Grommet insertion – 1 day
  • Tympanoplasty (eardrum repair) – 8 weeks

Are there any risks with paediatric ENT Procedures?

As with any surgical procedure, paediatric ENT treatments do come with some risks. Your specialist consultant will talk you through all the options and risks during your child’s appointment. However, one of the biggest risks attributed to paediatric ENT treatments is a delay. Making the necessary arrangements to deal with your child’s ENT complaint sooner, will benefit your child’s vital development in the long term. If you are concerned about your child’s ears, nose or throat, book an appointment with our paediatric ENT specialist today.

We have translators available for your appointment.

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