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Cartoid Doppler

A cartoid doppler is an ultrasound used to measure the flow of blood through your arteries. For some people, a build-up of plaque can cause narrowing of the two main arteries in the head and neck, leading to stroke. A test may be recommended if your GP thinks you are at risk of having a stroke or have had a stroke in the past.

A cartoid doppler is a painless procedure involving an ultrasound probe applied to your neck. The results will be read by an expert cardiologist and shared with you via your chosen method of communication. With Midland Health, we know how important it is to get all the facts. Our experienced GP’s will talk you through the test as well as the results, offering lifestyle advice and treatment options, so you can take control of your health. They will also be able to take your BP, BMI and medical history so that they can calculate and advise on your overall cardiovascular risk.


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