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Feeling out of sorts can throw your whole life off-kilter and set you back in the things which matter. Here at Midland Health, no ailment is less deserving of our attention, and you can book in to visit one of our musculoskeletal specialists to discuss whatever is making you uncomfortable.

Musculoskeletal pain affects muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves. It may be acute (with rapid onset and intensity), or chronic (longer-term). Pain may be localised to one area of the body or be wider spread. Common examples of musculoskeletal pain include lower back pain, tendonitis or joint inflammation (arthritis). Less common examples may include fibromyalgia or 'bone pain' caused by an injury or tumour.

Musculoskeletal pain may be caused by a number of factors; from previous injury or repetitive strain, to an autoimmune reaction or potential tumour. It is therefore important to review your symptoms with a GP to manage your pain effectively.

Midland Health understands how debilitating and uncomfortable pain can be, and how much it may impact on activities of daily living and overall emotional health and wellbeing.  We therefore offer comprehensive assessment and review, to determine the cause of your pain and design a treatment plan tailored for you. We have access to a wide range of radiological examinations whether that be ultrasounds, MRI or CT. Our musculoskeletal specialists can refer you for the right diagnostic tests once they have taken a thorough history and examined you. Booking in for regular check-ups can help to monitor the course of your treatment and determine any lifestyle factors which may be affecting your progress.


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