Despite the warmer weather, many people dread the spring-time. It is the start of ‘hay-fever season’ which can lead to ongoing symptoms such as a runny nose, sore eyes and sneezing. Combined with a ‘foggy’ head, these symptoms can cause significant obstruction to everyday life. Consultation with your Midland Health GP may be useful for planning the way through hay-fever season and finding easy solutions to reduce discomfort and make things more bearable.

What is Hay Fever?

Hayfever is the basic response from your autoimmune system which is trying to prevent the pollen from entering your body. Although pollen is not dangerous to your health, the body has a heightened reaction to it and this is when patients experience itchy nose and eyes, running nose, sneezing and nasal congestion. The period one might experience these symptoms varies on the area they live in. Usually, it starts late spring and continues up until September. 

The Kenalog Injection

The Kenalog injection is available to Over 18s only.

The Kenalog injection can reduce symptoms of hay-fever for the entire season. If you have previously been administered other treatments to combat hay fever, such as oral antihistamine tablets, topical eye drops, one solution to alleviate your hay fever symptoms is to get the Kenalog injection. This is a steroid treatment, recommended for those who have severe symptoms.

How does the Kenalog Injection work?

During your appointment, our GPs will take the time to detail the benefits as well as the side effects of the Kenalog injection. They will make sure that the Kenalog injection is the right treatment for you, assessing whether other treatments might be best suitable for your needs. The dose that a patient needs is calculated according to their body weight. 1mg per kg is the standard way to find out the right dose for patients each season. The Kenalog injection is administered intramuscularly and the effects will start working within one to 48 hours after having had the injection.

What are the Benefits of the Kenalog Injection?

-Patients require one dose to reduce the symptoms caused by the hayfever for the entire season (up to three months);
-Cost-effective compared to investing in all other treatments;
-The injection does not go through the digestive system or the liver;
-The symptoms of the hayfever will stop your hay fever symptoms for a whole season.

Discussion with a Midland Health GP to answer and questions or concerns is recommended to work out if the hay fever injection is right for you. You can book a private appointment at our clinic based in Birmingham close to the city centre and our friendly GPs will offer all the support you need.

Rhinolight Treatment for Hayfever

At Midland Health, we also offer Rhinolight treatment for the relief of hayfever symptoms, as well as eczemas and rashes caused by other allergic reactions. When other common solutions, such as sprays and steroids fail, UV light therapy on the nose can be a successful hayfever treatment for both children and adults.  

The Rhinolight treatment is non-invasive and pain-free, with some patients reporting an improvement from as early as the first session. As the application of phototherapy for hay fever symptoms boasts up to 90% success rate, it’s a very popular choice amongst our hay fever patients. 

How does Rhinolight Treatment Work?

We use modern Rhinolight machines to shine a special high-intensity UV light into each nostril. Each treatment session takes just 2-3 minutes. The procedure is completed every few days for at least  3-4 weeks to relieve the symptoms of hayfever. 

Although no treatment can guarantee results, most people report alleviation of their symptoms within the first two weeks of UV light treatment with a Rhinolight machine.  

Once you have completed a full course of treatment over a month, you can schedule follow-up “booster” sessions every 2-3 months to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment. 

What are the benefits of Rhinolight phototherapy? 

UV therapy offers a number of benefits for people suffering from hayfever and other allergies including:

  • Blocking histamine to prevent allergy and hay fever symptoms that impact the nose and the sinuses 
  • Destroying some of the cells responsible for allergies (eosinophils and lymphocytes)
  • Reducing the number of ECP and IL-5 in nasal secretions – they are amongst the main triggers of rhinitis and sinusitis

As the Rhinolight machine does not damage the nose or the sinuses and the procedure is completely pain-free, it’s a perfect solution for your seasonal hayfever relief and allergic rhinitis.



Hayfever Injection (Kenalog) – £80

Adult Rhinolight Consultation – £120

Paediatric Rhinolight Consultation – £250

Six Session Rhinolight Treatment – £300

Eight Session Rhinolight Treatment – £400


Why should I have the hay fever Injection?

Kenalog injections are recommended for anyone who suffers from hayfever symptoms, such as a runny nose, red/watery eyes, sneezing, etc. Unlike over-the-counter allergy tablets, the hayfever injection provides a long-term relief that lasts the whole season.

Who shouldn’t have a hay fever injection?

Kenalog injections are not recommended for:

  • Women who are breastfeeding
  • Those suffering from a suppressed immune system
  • Those currently suffering from an infection
  • Anyone who is planning to undergo surgery within 3 months from the injection
  • Children under 12 years

When is the best time to get a Kenalog injection?

If you regularly experience hayfever symptoms every year, you should consider getting the Kenalog injection before the start of the season. You can also have a hayfever injection at any time after the appearance of hayfever symptoms.

Where is the hay fever injection made?

The Kenalog injection is usually administered in the buttocks.

How long does it take for a hayfever injection to take effect?

Usually, you can feel the positive effects of the hayfever injection within 48 hours but it may take up to 10 days to see the full results.

Are there any side effects?

The injection site may be sore for 24 hours but there are no other unpleasant side effects to the Kenalog injection. You will be able to leave the Midland Health clinic immediately and go back to your daily activities as usual.

How long does a hay fever injection last?

The Kenalog injection can be an effective relief of hayfever symptoms for up to 6 months.

Will I need a second dose of the hayfever injection?

In most cases, one dose of the Kenalog injection is enough to suppress the symptoms of hayfever. However, in more severe cases, the symptoms may persist. If that happens, you could opt in to have a second dose which can be administered a minimum of 14 days after the first. The price of the second Kenalog injection is also £80. 

Are there any side effects of Rhinolight therapy?

No, the UV light treatment is safe and has no known side effects. Phototherapy causes no damage to the nasal lining or the cells that line the nose and sinuses.

You may experience occasional, short-lived dryness of the nasal lining but a simple moisturising gel or spray can alleviate that.

Can I use the Rhinolight machine if I am breastfeeding?

Yes, Rhinolight treatment is safe for breastfeeding or expectant mothers.

Can I use the Rhinolight machine if I am an athlete?

Yes, the treatment is perfect for professional athletes who are not allowed to take certain hay fever medications.


  • Hayfever Injection (Kenalog) - £80

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