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Our Fractional Laser Resurfacing treatment is a minimally invasive treatment carried out by our expert clinicians designed to address a range of skin concerns. These concerns can be: acne scarring post-treatment, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, damage caused by the sun, overall skin tone and general rejuvenation!

How Does The Fractional Resurfacing Treatment Work?

Fractional Resurfacing is based on a principle of selective photo thermolysis. This process initiates a natural healing of the area through ‘controlled trauma’.

At first the laser ablates microscopic holes in the top layer of the skin (the epidermis). Producing inflammation heats in the skin. This heat then spreads into the dermis and stimulates our fibroblasts, initiating a wound healing response. As the skin heals itself from the wound; tissue and collagen stimulation will occur, improving the skins texture.

The treatment is best described as a deep chemical peel. With a 5 day to 1 week healing process commencing the initial treatment.

During the healing process, old skin with flake away over a 5 day to 1 week time frame revealing a tighter, glowing, toned overall appearance.

As well as acne scarring and wrinkles, many of our patients find this treatment is a great option for skin renewal and rejuvenation, improving the skins texture and firmness. For deep acne scarring post-treatment, our clinicians recommend 5 sessions at 4-6 week intervals

What Are The Benefits Of A Fractional Resurfacing Treatment

  • Skin texture improvement
  • Decongests the skin
  • Reduces mild, static wrinkles on the face and neck
  • Reduces acne scarring
  • Reducing wrinkles on the hands
  • Aiding in hypertrophic and atrophic scars
  • Aids skin dyschromia

 What happens during a fractional resurfacing treatment?

Our clinician will prepare the patients skin by cleansing it. Ensuring all makeup and residue has come away from the skin. After the laser is applied, a wet gauze is optional. No products are applied except an SPF.

How long is the fractional resurfacing recovery?

Recovery can take up to 7 days if the treatment is performed on a high setting. Which is usually the case for acne or deep scarring. On day 2 of recovery, the patient will develop bronze ‘scales’ known as MEND (micro epidermal necrotic debris) which will shed off within a few days.

How many Fractional Resurfacing Treatments would you recommend?

Our team of clinicians recommends a course of 5-6 treatments is strongly recommended to achieve the desired outcome. However, for stretch marks and deep acne scars more sessions may be required.

What should I expect after my fractional resurfacing treatment?

You will more than likely get a pronounced erythema (redness) on the area. The feeling can be described as ‘sun burn’. This sensation will typically subside within 24 hours.

What should I do prior to my fractional resurfacing treatment?

Your clinician will advise you of the necessary steps you must take prior to the treatment during your consultation. It is advised that there is no exfoliation to the area, no sun exposure, no products are used containing AHA’s and BHA’s. It’s also vitally important that no retinols or steroids are used.

How does a fractional resurfacing treatment feel?

Many patients describe it as a very hot, prickly sensation on the skin. It is important that patients know that this isn’t a relaxing spa treatment, this is a clinical treatment.

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