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Speak to us today about our professional webinars and talks for our corporate clients, presented by our highly qualified Psychotherapist, Balwinder Hunjan.

Our private medical centre is here to support everyone’s mental and physical health throughout every stage of their life. It is no surprise that many adults struggle to keep on top of their emotional well-being throughout their working years. That is why to help support the managers, directors and employees amongst us, we are offering a selection of well-being webinars to help them achieve emotional and psychological well-being alongside their busy working lives.

Our Corporate Webinars

Each webinar consists of a 45-minute talk, led by our qualified and experienced Psychotherapist, followed by 15 minutes for a question and answer session; but, this can be negotiated with the organisations.

The well-being webinars cover a wide range of topics and we’re happy to take any requests for future consideration. Recently, many corporate organisations have been requesting webinars on:

  • Mental Health and Culture
  • Performance and Mental Health Delivered to Managers and Directors
  • Understanding Mental Health and Self-Care Delivered to Employees and Managers
  • Racism and Mental Health
  • Strategies for Employees to Avoid/ Manage Burnout
  • Effective Leadership
  • Powerful Communication Skills

What to Expect

Dedicated to assisting managers and their teams, our presenter goes beyond merely raising awareness and providing understanding. Balwinder sensitively acknowledges and addresses the issues that emerge within these groups, ensuring individuals derive maximum benefit from the webinar session.

Driven a fervour for harmonising work performance, resilience, and stress management. Our well-being workshops and Q&A sessions cater to the specific needs and objectives of your team, ensuring that each session captivates, educates, and empowers every participant.

Contact us today to arrange your session, our therapist can present on-site or if you’d prefer a remote session, this can also be accommodated. 

Enhancing Corporate Wellbeing

Workshops and webinars focused on well-being provide a myriad of advantages, representing a thoughtful investment in your organisation's most prized resource—its personnel. 

Boost Your Employees and Your Business

Elevate your business by prioritising workplace well-being, whether your team operates in an office or remotely. Showcase your commitment to your employees' welfare by actively engaging in their well-being and providing tailored support. Arrange for our therapist to carry out a corporate webinar to coach and enlighten your payroll. We offer diverse options tailored to benefit both your business and your people.

  • Combat Presenteeism*: Our effective support systems are designed to reduce presenteeism, ensuring your team is fully engaged and focused on productivity. 
  • Boost Productivity: A healthy and happy workplace is synonymous with higher productivity, motivation, and engagement. Witness your team thrive in an environment that prioritises their well-being.
  • Essential and Expected: Workplace wellbeing is not a mere luxury—it's an essential element for success. Show your commitment to a thriving work culture that goes beyond being 'nice to have.'
  • Reduce Absence Rates: Investing in improved employee well-being isn't just a feel-good initiative; it's a strategic move to reduce sickness and absence rates, contributing to a more resilient workforce.

*Presenteeism refers to the practice of employees being physically present at their workplace, but not fully engaged or productive due to various factors such as illness, stress, or other personal issues. It is a situation where individuals show up for work but are not able to perform at their optimal level, potentially leading to reduced efficiency and overall workplace productivity.

Join us in creating a workplace where well-being is not just encouraged; it's embedded into your success.

Our Prices

Corporate Webinar 


Topic from the below list. 45 mins + 15 mins question and answer session. We are also able to provide bespoke corporate wellbeing webinars for an additional fee, contact us today.

Browse Our Well-Being Webinar Topics

Choose from a wide range of well-being topics, including:

Understanding Stress and Anxiety and Managing Symptoms

At times we inevitably feel worry or stress. This webinar delves into understanding what symptoms can present when you feel stress and anxiety and how to manage symptoms with effective strategies.

Understanding and Managing Expectations at Work

This webinar identifies how to understand and communicate with your expectations in the workplace. We will discuss strategies to support you in managing your expectations and emotions, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by them.

Developing a Work-Life Balance

What we used to know as work-life balance has changed during these last few years, for example, hybrid working. This webinar focuses on ways you can support yourself to create a balance that works for you and develops resilience.

Self-Care for Employers: Looking After the Workforce

It is important to look after yourself as a leader, manager and professional. You cannot lead a team if you are not looking after yourself. This webinar delves into self-care and what you can do to support yourself and your employees.

Understanding and Managing Low Mood

When we feel low, we often may not understand why this is and find it difficult to understand how to deal with it. This webinar takes you through developing an understanding of what low mood is and learning to manage it.

What Can We Do to Protect Ourselves Against Stress at Work?

At times we inevitably feel worry or stress. This webinar delves into understanding what symptoms can present when you feel stress and how to manage symptoms with effective strategies.

How to Communicate Effectively in Relationships

This webinar helps you to identify key traits of what is effective when communicating with others. We will also be discussing what is a healthy relationship.

What is Domestic Abuse? The Impact Domestic Abuse Has on You and Your Relationships

Understanding the different forms of abuse. Services are currently available to help support you if you are experiencing abuse. This webinar will help you to identify and understand what impact domestic abuse can have on yourself, your family and children.  Also understanding the effect it can have on your future relationships.

Understanding and Managing Anger

Anger is a subsequent emotional response and frequently serves as our way of expressing to the world that something is amiss. The sensation of being overwhelmed often accompanies anger, and at times, it may seem difficult to rein in. This online seminar assists in recognizing the nature of anger and provides essential strategies to comprehend and handle it effectively.

Managing Change in the Workplace

Change can feel overwhelming. We can often feel unsettled when change happens and find it difficult to manage emotions as a result of change. This webinar explores different changes we can experience and how we can manage them.

Understanding and Building Self-Esteem and Confidence

Self-esteem and confidence can have an impact on the way we relate to others in the world. It is important to have the tools to build your self-esteem and confidence. This webinar helps you to identify what self-esteem and confidence means and how you can build it.

Being an Effective Leader

Leadership can mean many things to different companies and individuals. During this current climate, it can be difficult to know what is effective for your team or how to be an effective leader. In this webinar we delve into what a leader is and the expectations of a great leader.

Managing the Imposter Syndrome: Self-Doubt in the Workplace

When was the last time you did not do something because you told yourself not to and then you kicked yourself for not doing it? We all have self-doubt, but it becomes unhealthy when this self-doubt guides your decision-making. This webinar offers 3 top tips for managing your doubt and understanding the imposter syndrome.

Developing Coping Strategies and Building Resilience

Our emotions can get the better of us. During this webinar, we delve into 5 top tips to help you cope with your stress and anxiety to help you build resilience.

What is Burnout? Strategies for Employees to Avoid/Manage Burnout

With the change and uncertainty in a work environment, routine and financial impact, it is so easy to find yourself not having a work-life balance. The webinar will discuss some key skills that you could implement into your life to help you manage burnout and offer you a balanced work life.

Understanding the Importance of Sleep: Hygiene Tips and Strategies

If we do not get enough sleep it can impact our daily functioning, including focusing, concentration, our relationships etc. Understanding why sleep is important and strategies we can utilise to support sleep is discussed in this webinar.

Developing Coping Strategies and Building Resilience

Our emotions can get the better of us. During this webinar, we delve into 5 top tips to help you cope with your stress and anxiety to help you build resilience.

Building and Maintaining Psychological Resilience at Work

Tips and techniques to cope with our emotions and develop healthy relationships.

How to Stay Happy During Retirement: Transition into Retirement

This webinar looks at how to maintain good mental health and well-being after retirement, for happiness, purpose and meaning.

Racism and Mental Health and/or Impact Racism Can Have on Our Wellbeing

Understanding race and culture, how mental health is affected across cultures, tips and techniques to support employees.

Understanding the Impact of Loss and How This Can Affect Employees

This webinar will discuss the different types of losses, the effect of loss and how it can impact our personal lives and others around us. Some loss can be complicated or prolonged, but it can also be debilitating and intense. We will also discuss strategies to support you or anyone experiencing loss.

Understanding Negative Self-Talk and Coping Strategies to Manage

Negative self-talk can impact our sense of self. In this webinar we discuss the impact of negative self-talk, how we can manage our inner critic through various strategies and understand why there is negative self-talk.

Supporting and Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace

This training is for those who wish to better understand neurodiversity and how to support their neurodivergent colleagues. It is most beneficial for those managing or working alongside a neurodivergent colleague.

How to Reduce Bias in the Workplace

Understanding what is bias. How we can improve equality, diversity and inclusion by understanding bias. We will also cover tips and strategies to reduce bias in the workplace.

Understanding Menopause and Its Impact on Relationships 

Understanding the impact menopause can have not only physiologically but also psychologically and emotionally. Menopause can impact not just the individual but also the relationships you hold with others ie colleagues, friends, partners, children and extended family.

Neurodiversity Awareness

Neurodiversity explained: for managers. The webinar is aimed at line managers, supervisors and all staff involved with advising, managing, and supervising neurodivergent employees.

Understanding Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn Responses and the Impact on Employees in the Workplace

During periods of acute stress, we can sometimes respond, i.e. fight, fight, freeze or fawn to situations in the workplace. The webinar will help employees to better understand why this can happen in the work environment. We will also look at examples of possible situations in the workplace, where we can adopt some strategies which will help facilitate positive responses.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace and Performance

We will discuss why psychological safety is important, the different stages of psychological safety, and tips to foster psychological safety in the workplace and the virtual environment. We will also briefly discuss intersectionality and how we can promote psychological safety within diverse groups.

Power of Connection - Tips for Establishing Authentic Connections in the Workplace

What is the connection? Why is connection important in forming authentic relationships and how this can benefit employees in the workplace? Forming authentic relationships through connection can help boost the confidence of employees, drive collaboration, nurture healthy working relationships and promote knowledge sharing.

Active Listening in the Workplace

Active listening in the workplace has many benefits, it can build trust and strong relationships, help resolve conflict, enable you to identify and anticipate problems, help to build more knowledge and empower you as a leader. This webinar will delve deeper into the benefits of active listening and how it can help promote positive benefits in the workplace.

Managing Anxiety and Burnout Whilst Remote Working

In this webinar we will briefly discuss anxiety and burnout symptoms, we will then go on to discuss how remote working can cause burnout and anxiety. We will also look at strategies that you can put in place to manage a better work environment which will promote emotional well-being and resilience.

What Makes Employees Happy at Work?

Understanding the needs and wants of your workforce. How we can ensure that our time spent at work is good and positive?

Respecting and Understanding Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is important for organisations at all levels of business. It helps organisations to think and act differently, adopt new ideas, and better relate to the needs of customers. Different ways can make a group of individuals diverse. We must understand diversity in the workplace. This webinar will discuss different ways we can respect and promote diversity in the workplace.

Understanding Introverts and Extroverts and Their Strengths in the Workplace

How introverts and extroverts work best in the workplace and how they can coexist together whilst tapping into their strengths in the workplace. The webinar will help attendees understand introverts and extroverts better and understand that both groups of individuals have identifying strengths which can help promote optimum output/ productivity at work.

Understanding Happiness and Finding Meaning

We spend a lot of time at work, it is important to understand happiness as happy employees will be more productive, committed and more willing to contribute. In this webinar, we will discuss the difference between happiness and finding meaning. Four pillars of a meaningful life and tips and tools to find meaning in life.

How to Talk to Elders About Racism

In this webinar, we will first start by discussing race and racism briefly. Understanding racism equips us to have healthy conversations with our elders. It is also important we understand our own biases and triggers around racism. To engage in conversations with the elders, we must understand their perspective. Our discussions with elders also vary depending on each family's background and circumstances. Lastly, we will go on to discuss tips and techniques on how to have these discussions in a safe and secure environment for both the elderly and yourself.

Who Can Benefit?

From organisations aiming to cultivate a workplace culture centred around engagement, education, and empowerment, with a primary focus on prioritising the well-being of their employees to individuals dedicated to improving their health and overall well-being, aspiring to achieve a more satisfying and harmonious lifestyle. All businesses and their staff can benefit from these webinars.

Meet Our Presenter

Our Psychotherapist, Balwinder Hunjan is committed to helping support individuals to achieve emotional and psychological well-being. Over the years she has worked with adults, children and families and within organisations such as schools, charities and private organisations. Clinical Therapy Group was set up with a selective group of professionals to deliver these services. The organisation aims to provide mental health support to the community with mental health professionals such as psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. 

She has worked in the domestic abuse field for over 14 years. This work has entailed working with victims of domestic abuse, police, children's services, family courts and schools. Balwinder has provided domestic violence training to employees in various organisations and charities and currently with NHS England to deliver psychotherapy services to women who have experienced female genital mutilation.

Her experience and work with individuals started earlier on in life. Through her own personal experience with self and others, she has wanted to understand the importance of seeking connection with others. Having spent most of her life across two different continents, understanding self and relationship with others, the impact it had on her life is important. Being an ethnic minority and trying to understand belonging and connectedness, the impact it had on her emotional and psychological well-being has spurred her to study and work in this field.

Corporate Packages at Midland Health

Customising a healthcare plan for your team can cut absenteeism and enhance job satisfaction. We offer corporate health services, including workplace assessments and on-site clinics. Schedule a consultation with our corporate medical lead to explore tailored health packages.

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When you choose Midland Health for your corporate healthcare services and packages, your employees can benefit from:

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I had discovered Midland Health after my GP couldn't fit me in for immunization jabs that I needed for work. They have a lovely team who are knowledgeable and make you feel at ease. Big thank you to Karina on...

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Genuinely wonderful service from Karina, Jemima, Mike, and Sandra. Despite having a very last-minute request, they were incredibly accommodating and helpful. I will definitely be returning here if I have any future health needs.

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Saw Dr Sarah Wright, who was amazing at my appointment. Really knowledgeable, thorough and supported me in my decision making. She was quite open about her personal experience too which helped. From start to finish she made me feel at...

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I had microsuction with ENT Consultant, Mr Amit Parmar, last monday. The process of earwax removal was smooth and comfortable. I appreciate that Mr. Parmar carefully examined my inner ear problem, answered patiently my questions and gave me some...

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Midland house have been nothing, but incredible. I needed a BCG vaccination and the occupational health company that my company was using was very slow and unprofessional. I decided to seek private vaccinations to get this done as quickly as...

Charlotte Kirkpatrick | 26th Mar 2024

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Professional and friendly staff throughout. Mr Parmar was wonderful; fantastic bedside manner, clear communicator, and great listener. Felt comfortable sharing and he guided us to a joint clinical decision. The clinic is ideally situated in Edgbaston with good parking. Clean, modern...

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100% recommend Midland Health. Facilities are excellent and the staff are efficient and friendly. No regrets booking my tests here.

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I have visited the Edgbaston clinic twice and had a consultation with Dr Wright and Dr Desai. They were most helpful, sympathetic to my concerns and I received excellent treatment. They spent as much time talking with me and answering...

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I was attended by Susan today about some questions I had. She was the most wonderful and helpful I am very happy

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Great experience, lovely customer service from Karina , she was really helpful and friendly . I have received amazing support all the way through my appointment, and Karina helped a lot with regards to sending details through to my dermatologist...

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Really positive experience, would definitely use them again.

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I would Highly recommend Midland Health. The staff on reception are extremely helpful and professional. I saw Dr Kasparis who immediately put me at my ease, he explained the process of the surgery,which was to remove a lipoma...

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Dr was incredibly helpful and asked very intuitive questions & gave me everything I needed very grateful

Nic Emmerson | 12th Jan 2024

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Five star review

Had a great experience, and I am glad I took the step to go private, would still be waiting on the Nhs if I would have gone down that route. I had a consultation , nasendescopy, and treatment in...

William Tolley | 11th Jan 2024

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Five star review

Booked an appointment over Christmas for my baby with doctor Tom Dawson at Midland health and could not fault the experience from start to finish. ALL staff was polite and welcoming. Dr Dawson gave us more information than we’ve received...

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Very helpful, polite and courteous staff. And very satisfied with the Drs service and prompt action

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Wonderful and clean environment and the experience was excellent throughout my visit. I attended for a GP consultation and spoke with Dr Stendall who was friendly, professional and informative. During my visit, I considered having blood tests, as it had been...

Nikitas Koutoulakis | 25th Nov 2023

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Very helpful and thorough. Highly recommend!

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Very please and happy with the Dr Dhsai who is treating me so far. Glad I choose that place.

sonia coleman | 19th Nov 2023

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We visited Midland Health Private GP for a fitness certificate, and the process of booking, timely appointment, and the certificate after examination, everything was perfect.

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Had a GP appointment with Dr Sarah Wright, very good and efficient and got x rays sorted promptly, was seen on time excellent clinic

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We saw Mr Parmar regarding my son - he was incredibly informative and the experience was very positive. Thoroughly recommend and completely worth it.

Melissa | 6th Nov 2023

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Five star review

I had a lovely experience during my ecg at this clinic, the staff were very professional and helpful in any queries I had. There was absolutely no delay either, I walked in the clinic, spend around 40 minutes from the...

Fia Scarlet | 4th Nov 2023

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Five star review

Attended the Edgebaston Clinic for my little boys measles vaccine. Easy to book, got an appointment very fast! Louise did his jab, she was amazing he didn’t even flinch let alone cry and I’m sure it was down to Louise...

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Had an appointment with Dr Leitner who provided excellent advice, clear, concise yet thorough, highly recommended.

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Overseas medical. Good doctor and associates. Helpful and friendly.

mike smith | 13th Oct 2023

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A friendly lady called Imaan helped me get to where I needed to be and the other staff were also very helpful

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Dr Sara Wright was amazing . She’s gave me hope and a way forward with this clinic and my letter of referal etc. it’s my first step to going forward . The relief it brings . Thank you , you...

Just-a Karen Harris | 13th Sep 2023

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Five star review

Attended the clinic, Was assisted by a lady called Verona, she was gracious and amazing! She collected my blood and showed competence and professionalism throughout. Engaged in conversation and was a good listener as well. She was so warm and...

Nesipho Mlalazi | 8th Sep 2023

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Five star review

Words fail me to express how thankful I am of the team at Midland Health in Birmingham Edgbaston. I recently started seeing them a few months ago for my respiratory issues and I can vouch that they produce results. Very...

Tavonga Roy Magwenzi | 4th Sep 2023

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