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Our private paediatric ASD clinic in Birmingham offers professional autism testing for children. At Midland Health, we can provide your child with a comprehensive diagnosis through our ASD testing, led by specialist paediatricians who specialise in neurodevelopment. Upon a confirmed diagnosis, we are also able to offer options for treating and managing any symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorder, including for children with Asperger’s syndrome.

It all starts with an initial consultation between you, your child, and our experienced paediatric neurodevelopment specialist. From here, our team will be able to offer ASD testing in the options of ADOS and ADIR assessments. They will continue to work closely with your child through follow-up appointments and medical treatments, offering psychological support throughout. 

There’s no need to arrange a GP referral, simply click the link below to arrange your child’s private autism consultation with a specialist ASD psychiatrist in Birmingham.

How Our Paediatric ASD Team Can Help

At Midland Health, we provide ourselves on providing a comprehensive ASD service centring around reliable paediatric ASD assessments by professional specialists. Another focus of ours is the management of ASD cases, including support for the child’s parents and time with a speech and language  therapist.

Our ASD Diagnostic Assessments

Arranging a paediatric ASD assessment at our private clinic in Birmingham, your child will be considered across multiple encounters. Whether your child is showing signs of ASD or another psychological disorder is carefully considered by our expert’s wealth of experience, using an ADOS assessment and an ADIR interview.

Part One: ADOS Assessment 

An initial hour meeting will be arranged to carry out an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS assessment). This session is semi-structured and takes place to observe your child’s interactions with their family and toys. It is a standardised assessment used to give an ASD professional insight into your child’s social interaction, imaginative play and communication skills.

Part Two: ADIR Interview

Next comes the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADIR). Before this interview takes place with another ASD specialist, additional information will need to be provided, including your child’s school report. An interview can then be carried out with the child’s parents.

Once both the ADOS assessment and ADIR interview have taken place, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled. All confirmed autism diagnoses are backed up by continuous performance tests that allow objective and reliable data to be collected. These results act as a baseline metric in order to assess your child’s ASD symptoms. If ASD is identified, our paediatric ASD experts will be able to use their observations to help provide you with the next steps in managing and treating your child’s ASD. 

Meet Our Paediatric ASD Team

Our private ASD clinic for children is under the expert guidance of Dr Ahmad Aurakzai, a Consultant Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician. Alongside we have Sarah Barker, our dedicated paediatric speech and language therapist. With such a wealth of experience and a detailed understanding of the nuances of autism spectrum disorders within children, they are able to accurately assess your child for a reliable diagnosis. 

In addition, our paediatric ASD team understands the emotional stress this process can put on a family. That is why they will also offer support to you during this time, ensuring you understand all the necessary steps and what’s coming next for your child after a diagnosis. With Midland Health’s private ASD clinic, you won’t be alone.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): The Symptoms

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) present a wide range of symptoms that are explained by an even broader diagnostic category. These conditions can be categorised under the umbrella of pervasive developmental disorders, affecting your child’s neurodevelopment and lasting throughout their adult life. ASD occurs due to differences in the brain that trigger developmental disabilities. Some of which can have negative impacts on your child’s developmental ability, behaviour and social skills.

If your child receives a confirmed ASD diagnosis, they may have one of the following lifelong conditions:

  • Autistic Disorder
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • NOS Autism (Not Otherwise Specified)

You may feel the need to arrange a private ASD assessment if your child is demonstrating difficulty communicating, expresses anxious behaviour in unfamiliar environments, displays repetitive habits and behaviours, or seems to struggle with new information.

Why Should You Choose Midland Health’s ASD Specialists?

If you are concerned about your child’s behaviour and need a specialist ASD assessment, arrange an appointment at our private clinic in Birmingham. At Midland Health, we have already helped so many parents to understand their child’s behaviours with an ASD diagnosis. 

Parents come to us for ASD advice as our ASD clinic champions:

  • ASD services led by Neurodevelopmental Paediatricians 
  • Autism testing for children and adolescents
  • Providing psychological support for parents
  • Advice for ASD management
  • Appointments at short notice and without referrals
  • A state-of-the-art private ASD clinic in Birmingham


Child ADHD Assessment


(2 hours)

Child Follow Up ADHD Appointment


(30 min)

Child ASD Assessment


(ADOS (60 min) and ADIR (2 hours) need to be booked on separate days)

Child ASD and ADHD Assessment (3 hours)


(3 hours)

Child Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician New Consultation


(60 min)

Book Your Private Paediatric ASD Assessment

You can schedule an ASD assessment with our expert paediatric team, using the link below to submit your enquiry. There is no need for a GP referral, simply select the next most convenient date for you and your child. With our pay-as-you-go autism testing service, you can book a private ASD assessment to suit you, we also offer the same-day or next-day appointments, subject to availability.

Find Our Private ASD Clinic in Birmingham

You can find our modern, newly-refurbished private ASD clinic in Birmingham. Located on the outskirts of the city centre, our innovative centre is within the Calthorpe Estate in Edgbaston Village. Here you will find all our ASD professionals and specialists who carry out our ASD assessments and consultations.

Visit our private clinic today at Highfield Clinic, 23a Highfield Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3DP. Simply look out for the listed, Georgian building.

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