Test to Release for Travel available in Birmingham & Leicester

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Price of test£165

When will I get my results?Next Day

Why use this test?

  • Next day result guaranteed
  • Test on day 5
  • Expect to be released on day 6
Terms and Conditions apply
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Clinic Test

Price of test£250

When will I get my results?Same DayIf tested before midday

Why use this test?

  • Same day result guaranteed
  • Test on day 5 (before 12:00)
  • Expect to be released on day 5
Terms and Conditions apply
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  • 100% of our patients got in their travel destination

  • Fastest turnaround in the West Midlands. * Same-day Results

  • CQC registered Clinic & GP led service

  • Your PCR certificate will be signed by our GP

  • UKAS approved laboratory

  • Government Approved Testing Centre

As mentioned in the Independent by travel correspondent Simon Calder.

At Midland Health, we offer a fast and reliable service under the new Test to Release government scheme (available from 15th December 2020), which allows you to stop self-isolating on arrival in the UK after just 5 days if you get a negative COVID-19 test result.

We provide the fastest service in the West Midlands and thanks to our express option, you can do a COVID test for travel and have your results on the same day (if the test has been done before midday).

Through our SLA we are a Government approved testing centre for the Covid test to release programme.

All tests are performed in our doctor-led laboratory, accredited by UKAS and ISO 15189, which guarantees accurate results you can trust.

Test to Release for Travel - Locations


Midland Health
Highfield Clinic
2 Highfield Road
Birmingham, B15 3ED


Midland Health
Maher Center
15 Ravensbridge Drive
 LE4 0BZ


Midland Health
Manor Grove
Oxhill Road
B21 9RR

When do I get my test results?

Express Before 12.30pm Midnight same day £295
Express 1pm – 4pm 3pm the following day £295
Express 4.30pm - 9pm 6pm the following day £295
Standard 8.30am - 9pm Midnight next day £185
Saturday Express 8:30am - 12:30pm Midnight same day £295
Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm Midday Monday £185

COVID-19 Test to Release for Travel FAQS

The Test to Release scheme comes into effect on 15th December 2020. You cannot opt in to take part before that.

The Test to Release scheme applies to those who have travelled abroad and are required by law to self-isolate upon their return.

The scheme is voluntary and only applies to people who are quarantined in England.

Under the rules of the scheme, after a minimum of 5 days of isolation, you can opt in to take a private COVID-19 test. If your results come out negative, you can end your quarantine period early.

If you do not opt into the Test to Release scheme, you must self-isolate for a period of 14 full days after last being in a destination not on the travel corridors list.

You can take a private COVID test for travel not earlier than 5 full days after you depart from a country, which is not on the travel corridor list.

You must continue to self-isolate until you receive your test result.

If the result is negative, you can stop self-isolating.

You must opt in for the Test to Release scheme on the passenger locator form which you are required to fill in before your travel back to England. You can opt in once you arrive back in the UK as well.

The private COVID test for travel, if you wish to take one, also can be booked before you arrive in England, as you will be required to provide details about the test on your passenger locator form.

If Haven’t opted in before arriving? You must fill in a new passenger locator form once you arrive in England to change your preferences.

Every person in your household who has opted in for the scheme will have to have an individual test done, regardless of their age.

COVID testing under the Test to Release scheme can be done only by certified testing providers. Midland Health through its SLA is a certified provider.

You are allowed to leave your place of self-isolation, in order to travel directly to your testing location.

If you live in the Midlands, Midland Health is your local West Midlands covid testing provider. We have testing sites in Birmingham and Leicester, which makes getting to your test easy.

On the way to your test, please follow safety guidelines when you travel and, where possible, avoid public transport.

Provided you have opted into the Test to Release scheme, the earliest time you can test depends on the country you are travelling from when arriving in England.

If you arrive from a country not on the travel corridor list, you can test after 5 full days of self-isolation.

If you have been in a country not on the travel corridor list and you have stopped in a country on the travel corridor list before returning to England, the days you have spent in the exempt stop country are counted towards the duration of your self-isolation period.

For example: If you have been in a country not on the travel corridor list, but you have spent 3 days in a country on the exemption list before coming back to England, you can test after 2 full days of isolation in England. This is because the 3 days you were in a country on the travel corridor list count as quarantine time.
If you haven’t opted in to the Test to Release scheme, you cannot end your international quarantine early. You must self-isolate for 14 full days.

If you test for COVID-19 under the Test to Release scheme, using a private testing provider, such as Midland Health, you can get one of three possible results:

  • Negative COVID-19 test result = You can stop self-isolating immediately
  • Positive COVID-19 test result = If you test positive for COVID-19 you must stay in quarantine for 10 days after the day you were tested. Anyone you live with will also have to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Inconclusive COVID-19 test result = If the results of your COVID-19 test are inconclusive, you can either book a second private COVID test for travel, or you must continue to self-isolate until the rest of the initial 14-day quarantine period.

At Midland Health, we offer the fastest coronavirus test turnaround times in the Midlands. Here are the three options you can choose from:

  • Results within 48 hours
  • Next day by midnight result
  • Same day result (if tested before midday)

No, a negative result on the NHS Test & Trace does not allow you to end quarantine early.

Only a private COVID test for travel under the Test to Release scheme, such as the ones done here at Midland Health, can give you the right to stop self-isolating early.

If you use a negative NHS test result as a reason to end your self-isolation period early, this will be treated as a breach of quarantine and you may be fined.

Self-isolation after international travel is required if you have been in a country not on the travel corridor list. The standard mandatory period is 14 full days from the last time you leave a country that is not exempt.

To clarify what a “full day” means, if you leave the non-exempt country at 8 AM on Thursday, Friday is counted as your first full day.

Anyone who has been in a country that is not identified as low-risk (as per the travel corridor list) within the last 14 days. This excludes those whose jobs are exempt from the requirement to self-isolate.

Yes, a fine can be issued for breaking quarantine. A first-time offence warrants a £1,000 fine with further breaches being fined up to £10,000.

However, if you have opted in for the Test to Release scheme and have had a private COVID test return a negative result, you can legally stop self-isolating early.

Coronavirus symptoms may take up to 14 days to exhibit. You can also be a carrier of the virus without showing any symptoms at all. This is why, in order to limit the spread of the virus, you must reduce your social contact by self-isolating. This helps prevent your friends and family, as well as NHS staff and other members of the public, from contracting the virus.

At Midland Health, we have clinics and laboratories where we can perform multiple COVID tests for travel at the same time. This means you and your family can schedule to come at the same time providing you live in the same household.

No. At the time of writing, the UK Government does not allow TTR testing for people travelling from South Africa. If you are returning from the UK from South Africa, you must self-isolate for the full period of 10 days.

However if you are leaving the UK to go to South Africa then we are able to provide PCR testing with a travel certificate.

Yes, we regularly test staff at factories and occupational sites throughout the West Midlands and across the UK.

No. We try to avoid this method of testing as it’s a lot slower and unpredictable, due to the fact that it relies on a postal/courier service.

Yes. The quickest way to get a COVID test done and a result issued is to come to one of our clinics, as we offer same-day testing services.

Yes, all our clinics and laboratories in the West Midlands have been approved by the Government to carry out coronavirus testing.

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