Coronavirus Testing in Liverpool

  • 100% of our patients got in their travel destination

  • Fastest turnaround in the West Midlands. * Same-day Results

  • CQC registered Clinic & GP led service

  • Your PCR certificate will be signed by our GP

  • UKAS approved laboratory

  • Government Approved Testing Centre

  • Approved COVID-19 testing supplier of the Chinese Embassy

Standard PCR with Medical Certificate for Travel

Price of test£129

When will I get my results?Results by 10pm next day

Why use this test?

An RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) with a certificate you will need for travel


Express PCR with Medical Certificate for Travel

Price of test£199

When will I get my results?Results available by Midnight

Afternoon appointments in Leicester and Liverpool results by 3pm next day

Why use this test?

An RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) with a certificate you will need for travel


Antigen Test with Medical Certificate

Price of test£80

When will I get my results?Results available within 3 hours

Why use this test?

Checks for viral protein can be used for entry into some countries (please check prior to booking this test)


China Travel Testing Express PCR and Antibody with Medical Certificate

Price of test£399

When will I get my results?Results available by Midnight

Why use this test?

An RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) with a certificate you will need for travel.

A venous antibody test which checks for IgG and IgM antibodies. A requirement for entry to China.

We are an approved provider by the Chinese embassy


Mandatory Day 2 and Day 8 International Arrival PCR Tests

Price of test£179

When will I get my results?Results available 48 hours from reaching the lab

Why use this test?

Mandatory testing for all international arrivals. Day 2 test can be carried within 2 days of arrival into the UK.

Test must be purchased prior to arrival and booking reference must be entered into the passenger locator form.

UK addresses only for all postal bookings


Day 2 International Arrival PCR Test

Price of test£95

When will I get my results?Results available 48 hours from reaching the lab

Why use this test?

Mandatory Day 2 Test for all international arrivals not in the UK for their Day 8 Test.

Day 8 Test not provided.

Test must be purchased prior to arrival and booking reference must be entered into the passenger locator form.



Price of test£125

When will I get my results?Results available within 3 hours

Why use this test?

Checks your immune response to virus exposure, you will receive an IgG and IgM result

A finger-prick antibody test


COVID Test to Release Available Now

At Midland Health, we offer a fast and reliable service under the new Test to Release government scheme, which allows you to stop self-isolating on arrival in the UK after just 5 days if you get a negative COVID-19 test result.

As mentioned in the Independent by travel correspondent Simon Calder.

If you are looking to get tested for Coronavirus in Liverpool, at Midland Health we offer all types of COVID19 (Coronavirus) testing, including a PCR test (with a Travel Certificate) before and after travel, Antibody Testing and Tests to Release. Our COVID testing services are competitively priced and come with a same-day results option.

PCR Test for Travel

According to the current government guidelines, anyone flying in or out of the UK needs to undergo the necessary PCR testing. In our Liverpool clinic, we provide a professional PCR travel testing service that comes with the relevant fit-to-fly certificate for travel. We have a 100% satisfaction rate for both our Standard and Express PCR Tests as none of our clients have had issues boarding their flights due to our certificates or tests.

COVID-19 Testing for Businesses

Wanting to get your staff back to the office? For our corporate clients (10+ tests), we can help with a return to work note and offer bulk PCR testing, including PCR swab test as well as antibody testing to employees and employers.

COVID-19 Test to Release

Coming back to England after an international trip? End your quarantine only 5 days after arriving in the UK with one of our COVID Tests to Release, certified under the Test to Release government scheme.

We offer TTR test appointments at our Liverpool clinic at the same prices as the postal service offered by the Government. Book your test with Midland Health and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your COVID-19 test is performed by a trained medical professional and enjoy impeccable customer care by our team.

Antigen Tests and Antibody Tests

At Midland Health Liverpool, you can also find out if you have had Coronavirus already using our Antibody Tests or you can have an Antigen Test done to detect whether you currently have SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19).
If you are in Liverpool and looking for a private COVID test clinic to get your COVID test done, at Midland Health, you will enjoy the fastest service in the Midlands. Our Government approved testing centres offer same-day results if the test has been done before midday.
With Liverpool John Lennon Airport seeing more than 5 million people fly to and from Liverpool every year, ensuring that you have an established COVID testing facility near you is of utmost importance. As all Midland Health laboratories have UKAS and ISO 15189 accreditation, you can rest assured that our doctor-led testing service gives you reliable results that you can trust.

Test to Release for Travel Locations


Midland Health
The Park Hotel
Dunnings Bridge Rd
Liverpool, L30 6YN

COVID-19 Test to Release for Travel FAQS

Opting in to the Test to Release scheme introduced by the government became available on 15th December 2020.

Anyone who enters England from any destination outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man can voluntarily opt in The Test to Release scheme. This excludes countries on the banned for travel list.

You are allowed to book a private COVID test for travel after, you can get tested after five full days of quarantine. Provided you test negative, you can stop self-isolating immediately.

Anyone who arrives in England from outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man must stay in quarantine for 10 days.

To stop quarantining earlier (after five full days), you have to take part in the Test to Release scheme. Testing negative allows you to stop self-isolating. If you test positive, you must continue isolating for the full 10 days.

Before entering the UK you will be asked to fill in a passenger locator form. You can opt in for the Test to Release scheme in this form. The form will require details of your private COVID test for travel appointment, so make sure to book one before you travel.

If you have not indicated that you would like to be part of the TTR scheme before your arrival, you must fill in a new form after you have entered England.

A separate test is required for all members of the same household who would like to stop self-isolating early.

Only COVID testing facilities with the correct government-approved accreditation can perform these tests. Midland Health is an SLA certified provider which means we can offer tests for travel under the Scheme. We offer testing for the West Midlands and Liverpool areas with guaranteed reliable results.

You are allowed to leave your place of self-isolation to have your COVID test done. Please follow the COVID safety guidelines, avoid public transport and stay safe when travelling.

You can arrange for a COVID test for travel appointment under the Test to Release scheme after a minimum of five full days from your arrival from any location outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, except those countries that are subject to a travel ban.

You must indicate your willingness to participate in the TTR programme on your passenger locator form to be able to get tested and end quarantine early.

A COVID TTR for travel can return one of three results:

  • Negative COVID-19 test result = You can stop self-isolating
  • Positive COVID-19 test result = If you test positive for COVID-19 you must stay in self-isolation for 10 days after the day you were tested. Anyone you live with will also have to self-isolate for 10 days.
  • Inconclusive COVID-19 test result = If the results of your COVID-19 test are inconclusive, you can either book a second private COVID test for travel, or you must continue to self-isolate until the rest of the initial 10-day quarantine period.

Selecting Midland Health as your private COVID test provider ensures you get the fastest COVID test results in Liverpool and the Midlands. There are three options you can choose from:

  • Results within 48 hours
  • Next day by midnight result
  • Same day result (if tested before midday)

No, ending self-isolation early based on a negative NHS Test & Trace test result is illegal and may result in a fine.

Only accepted COVID tests for travel, like the ones done at Midland Health, can be used as a reason to end quarantine early.

You must begin self-isolating from the moment you arrive from a destination outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. This means that if you leave the non-exempt country at 7 AM on Sunday, Monday is your first full day.

If you have travelled to a location outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man in the last 10 days, you must self-isolate.

Yes, leaving your place of self-isolation before the end of the 10-day quarantine period is a finable offence. Fines range from £1,000 for a first-time offence up to £10,000 for further offences.

To leave your place of quarantine early and not be subject to a fine, you must have a negative TTR test.

It takes up to 14 days for COVID symptoms to exhibit and in some cases, they do not exhibit at all but the person is still contagious. You could be a carrier even if you feel fine, so staying at home is important to protect the people closest to you, as well as the NHS workers and the members of the public.

At Midland Health, you can book multiple tests at the same time for members of the same household, so you can all travel together.

No. As per the latest government guidance, you must stay in quarantine for the full period of 10 days, if you are travelling from South Africa to the UK. If you would like to go to South Africa, Midland Health can provide the necessary PCR test along with a travel certificate.

Yes, we regularly test staff at factories and occupational sites throughout Liverpool and the Midlands, as well as across the rest of the UK.

Yes, all our customers need to do is book online for the date they need the test for and we will make sure it's there on time.

Yes. With our same-day results service (available for tests done before midday), we offer the fastest results turnaround in the Midlands and the Liverpool area.

Yes, all our clinics and laboratories in the West Midlands have been approved by the Government to carry out coronavirus testing.

PCR Testing FAQ

You should consider doing a PCR swab test if:

  • You want to ensure your safe return to work
  • A PCR test for travel is required by a foreign country that you are planning to travel to
  • You are coming back from a trip abroad, you are required to do two PCR tests upon your return to the UK
  • You are moving households or you would like to enter a “social bubble”

If you have booked a Standard PCR Test, you will receive your results by 10PM the following day. Your travel certificate will be sent by email in PDF format.

If you have opted for the Express PCR Test and the test has been conducted before midday, you will receive your results by midnight the same day.

PCR test is used to find out if you are currently infected with the Coronavirus, whereas the Antibody test detected whether you have been infected in the past.

Our PCR swab test is the same test approved and used by the NHS. The procedure entails taking a deep nose and throat swab and the sample is being used to detect the presence of viral DNA in your body.

The Antibody Test is a laboratory blood test that shows whether you are positive or negative to IgG antibodies to COVID-19. If you register a high level of antibodies, it is an indication that you have had the virus already. We use the ABBOTT testing in our Government and Public Health England approved antibody test.

If you get a positive COVID-19 test result, you must start self-isolating immediately to prevent the spread of the virus. Our Liverpool COVID testing clinic will then notify Public Health England, so test and trace can be activated.

PCR test for travel must be done within 72 hours of your intended travel date.

Yes, there are no known negative effects of the PCR testing procedure for you or your baby.

Yes, there is no age restriction on PCR testing and our Liverpool clinic staff are experienced in working with all age groups.

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