A woman’s health needs are personal to her; therefore, a health check should reflect that. Regular monitoring of health and lifestyle factors is essential in keeping your body running as it should be, as well as helping to manage significant changes such as family planning and menopause. At our Women’s Health Centre, Midland Health offers bespoke health assessment, put together based on your needs and requirements.

A Well Woman Clinic offers comprehensive check-ups carried by a female GP who will take a look at your health history and make an assessment of your general lifestyle and wellbeing. Testing may include:

  • Blood pressure and pulse checks
  • Height, weight and BMI check
  • Urine analysis, diabetes risk, anaemia risk and cardiovascular disease risk
  • Thorough blood analysis to look at thyroid risk
  • Detailed look at liver disease risk, kidney disease risk and cholesterol risk
  • Ovarian cancer test (for women over 45 years-old), CA125
  • Checking for early signs of the menopause
  • Advice for regularly checking your breasts for signs of breast cancer
  • A cervical smear if you are not up to date

Your Well Woman check-up will include a full history taking as well as recommendations for changes you may wish to make in your day to day life which could improve your overall health and wellbeing. The results will be summarised into a report for you to take home once your results have been collated.

Visiting our Women Health Centre is also an opportunity for you to discuss anything that may be worrying or concerning you. Our Midland Health GPs are great listeners and can offer you the right medical advice and help you live life better.


  • Well Woman Health Check - £330

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